Monday, June 14, 2010

Accent Wall Painting

So I felt like I should post some preliminary Photos of our painting.  We decided to go with a darker color, and I tried the new Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint that has primer in it (plus supposedly less VOC, smelled just as horrible).  Overall, completely not worth the $10 extra it cost--it took me the exact same number of coats as the regular Behr.  I was pretty disappointed. 
But the wall photo is using Behr Florence Brown 230F-7 in Satin
The main wall photos used Behr Clamshell 260E-2, which was significantly more pink that I'd anticipated but we'll go with it.
 The Dining room accent wall.  I haven't painted the remaining walls the tan color yet, that's next after Fathers Day.  New light fixture too, we didn't post photos of that earlier.  Plus painted the trim WHITE. Not.....
On the left, the yellow color all the trim, molding, and doors are.  On the right, what color they should be and will be shortly.  Tedious to the extreme, but it looks so much cleaner and fresher. 

All the living room photos turned out like crap, so I'll take photos later of that wall with the new TV mount.  But lookin' snazzy to host all Coach's family Sunday for Gumbo. :)
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