Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Um.... Woopsies!

In looking for birthday gifts for a friend's baby, I found these and seriously laughed out loud. Obviously I went from 1 year old gifts to looking at baby clothes, don't hate. :)

$18 by UhOhMama on Etsy
Probably already posted, but so dang cute. 
$18 by UhOhMama
Coach would kill for this. $15 by White Lace Designs
Might need to make some of these. $15 by burpingBabies
AHHH! I have to have!!! $11 by HaleysHeadBands
Gotta show a little geek love. $10 by HutchMe
$10 from HutchMe
$10 from HutchME. Our kid will need that one.
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