Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Parenting Question

So while I was waiting for my salad and humus at Cafe Express, I had to pee. Probably too much information, but when I went into the bathroom it was like a friggin Chuck-E-Cheese in there.  There were 3 moms, all with a 6-7 year old boy in tow going to the bathroom. It.was.mayhem. Add to that, the fact that I'm in uniform and all the boys get all big-eyed and I just have to piss like a racehorse.  When I gotta go, I gotta GO--get the hell out of my way I'll give you a trading card later.  Besides the point, whatever, moving on,

Here's the question: at what age can you let your son go into the men's room unescorted? Because, seriously, at 6 that kid is freaking me out in the woman's restroom. If Junior can operate all the buttons, faucets, and knobs--my though is they're good to shake it off in privacy. If you're afraid your kid is going to spell his name on the wall, I think maybe that's a parenting issue that you need to buck-up on. Guaranteed I don't have kids yet, but pretty sure that I will have taught (read: trained/spanked/scared-the-shit-outof) my children to be well behaved, and while I might double check the hand-washing at that age, they will be peeing in the boys room come the time.

This mommy ain't going to be wiping your ass through your teenage years. Blamo. 
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