Monday, May 3, 2010

My Sister's Graduation

My little baby sister is graduating from college Saturday at 3pm. I cannot believe it. I'm so excited to see her walk! Considering during her high school graduation they skipped her name (yes, completely ridiculous)--this is a big day.

Unfortunately nothing has changed with my mother, so they'll be here Friday and leave Saturday after graduation.  My grandparents should also be here for the graduation, so we'll have both guest bedrooms full for the first time in the new house. I vaccummed the crap out of the whole front side of the house, I'll do the main areas and our bedroom on Thursday so the dogs can't track anything else around.  Coach's dad is coming over thursday to install our new chandallers in the dining room and entryway. I got them at Ikea:
The Lerdal Chandelier for $49.99, dining room
The Molnig Chandelier for $39.99, entryway

If you've ever had to replace light fixtures you know how expensive they are, but these are adorable and were a lot cheaper than anything else we've found. So I'm excited to get them hanging and replace the awful brass and glass ones that are there. I'll take photos. :)  Also, Super-Father-in-Law is rewiring our guest rooms off one switch, to be dimmer lights and fan switches (2 switch panels). Gosh it's handy to have an electrician in the family who adores me. :) haha, it's been incredibly helpful.

So all of this will be done before the family arrives and I have to smile through the weekend. I'm so exhausted already just thinking about it. But we got pretty mothers day gifts for our moms that I'm really happy about.
Surrounded by Love, from the Willow Tree Collection by Susan Lordi

Pretty, no? So that's that. I'm just hoping I can get more positive about seeing my mom and step-dad before they arrive. I just feel so angry.
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