Thursday, April 22, 2010


Looks like even though we sent our return in over a month ago, we've still got a month to wait to get them back. Honestly, I'm just freaking excited that we're getting a refund at all. But it would be super nice to have that refund now. When I bought my house in early 2008 I got the $7500 refund, Coach did the same in December 2008. We sold both in 2009. So we had to pay that back. What saved us were all the improvements we had to do to sell the houses, the fact that I lost about $10,000 on my sale said and done, and that we'd filed Single-Zero on our W4s for the entire year.  So we're getting a little back, something of a miracle. But still want that moohlah now! I feel like Veruca Salt

In other news my little sister just got her engagement photos back (she'll be married May of 2011) and they made me cry. She and her fiance looked so dang beautiful. I was just all teary eyed. She graduates from college on the 8th of May and I'm shocked about that as well. She's grown up so fast and I feel so proud of her! Although it looks like my mother will just be driving up for the day, and may not stay to take my sister out to dinner so that she can be back in Houston to do her services on saturday. I have a not so minor problem with this as it's a very important day for my sister and I think she needs to be there, plus the 9th is mothers day and I'd like to freaking spend it with my mother (go figure). I realize things are different when you're a priest, but at what point can we come first? Or her health for that sake, I really think she's pushing herself too hard to be back at the church--she's bee in the hospital almost every week for over a month for complications. She needs to take it easier. But what do I know, I'm just a daughter who wants her mom to heal before she returns to work--I want her to be here in 5, 10, 15 years.

But I digress. At what point do you re-assess what is important, and what point do you get irritated with your mother who has cancer and is being ridiculous? Family comes first.
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