Friday, April 23, 2010

Pancakes? Yes Please!!

I love breakfast. Love love it. And my friend's birthday was last week and I decided to get her the cutest thing ever: Farm Animal Pancake Molds (plus some blueberry mix).
Yes, that's right. William's Sonoma has done it again, made a super cute and awesome product that works.  Do I care that I'm 25 years old and super excited about pancake molds? Do you? Uh, no!!!

On a side note, I purchased the halloween and christmas versions of the pancake molds as they were on sale at the store. I always hit William's Sonoma up after a holidy, they have great sales. I love that store, it's like crack. Plus their recipe's are great.

Do you every do breakfast for dinner? Because this is so much fun!!!

On another note, I've been eyeing this for months: The Zoku Quick Pop Maker!!! Fun!!
wouldn't that be great for summer?
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