Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In searching for both graduation gifts for my sister and mothers day gifts, I found these truly adorable necklaces on etsy that would be precious for a mother (or a mother to be!)
Sold by ElenaGrace

Isn't that precious? You change the birth stone for the month and she stamps whatever name you want. She even has this one available that I would love for my mother:
So adorable!!! Also by ElenaGrace

She even has a pregnancy necklace that is just beautiful. How sweet would your husband be if he gifted this to you the day you were going to see your baby on the sonogram for the same time? *tear*!!
Sprout charm...A sweet new beginning.
Teeny diamond disc...A happy little baby in your belly.
Small heart charm...LOVE,LoVE, LOVE!!! :)

and that's your gushy goodness for the day!
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