Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home Improvements - Kitchen Help Ideas

Ok so after the wedding I reviewed my vendors on The Knot, which means they send you a free subscription to The Nest magazine. Which is mostly kinda weird, but has some very cool home improvement photos. Like ziiisss one from The Lettered Cottage:

which looked like zissss before:
See how the finished cabinets are significantly taller, have trim molding, and just look higher quality? Yeah, her husband did that himself. He even posted a very good tutorial on it. 
Would I love to do this? Yes!!
Can I? No. :(
Because we have slanted ceilings throughout the kitchen.  However, we could add extra tall molding on top and paint them that awesome color. Which.... I feel inspired to do. Although, I have to say I will be keeping the cabinet faces on because I don't want my chaos to be displayed. It would drive me nuts.

I however, could instal wooden corbels (yes, like everything they have a technical name) under the cabinets which I love:
But I love that bead bord. Hm.... This could totally work!! To check out more of Lyla's blog on her kitchen go check her out at The Lettered Cottage. Poor Coach might be tackling this this summer if I'm still in the clear to be painting come June 1 and can help. I just love this, it would get rid of our horrible oak cabinets (hurl). Also we'd be getting rid of our wonderfully discussing wallpaper this summer too, regardless.
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