Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The New James Avery Summer 2010 catalog is out and I just love this new Cross My Heart Bracelet. I love how cute and subtle it is!! Plus James Avery never fails to disappoint in quality and beautiful pieces.  Drool....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cute Shoes

Ok I saw an ad for this website with the cutest shoe photos ever. I have no idea how comfortable they are but they're fairly reasonable, all from lulus.com
wouldn't they be cute with jeans and a simple t shirt

aren't all those just adorable? I  just got a $50 visa gift card rebate from buying contacts, and I'm thinking a trip to Nordstrom Rack is in the cards today after work before I go grocery shopping.

Trying for Baby

So although your chances for conceiving in the first months are somewhat low, it's still disappointing when  you get your visit from Aunt Flo, that bitch. Although, at this point I was just glad she finally friggin showed up after 2 months! I texted Coach and he reminded me why I married him.

Me: I think I just started my period. Well I'm 90% sure. :(
Coach: Fun. Cranky Mommy.
Me: :( I only had spotting but weird, I duhno.
CoacH: Hmmm.... maybe _____ took hold
Me: haha who knows?
Coach: Jesus.

get it? I laughed.

Pancakes? Yes Please!!

I love breakfast. Love love it. And my friend's birthday was last week and I decided to get her the cutest thing ever: Farm Animal Pancake Molds (plus some blueberry mix).
Yes, that's right. William's Sonoma has done it again, made a super cute and awesome product that works.  Do I care that I'm 25 years old and super excited about pancake molds? Do you? Uh, no!!!

On a side note, I purchased the halloween and christmas versions of the pancake molds as they were on sale at the store. I always hit William's Sonoma up after a holidy, they have great sales. I love that store, it's like crack. Plus their recipe's are great.

Do you every do breakfast for dinner? Because this is so much fun!!!

On another note, I've been eyeing this for months: The Zoku Quick Pop Maker!!! Fun!!
wouldn't that be great for summer?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Looks like even though we sent our return in over a month ago, we've still got a month to wait to get them back. Honestly, I'm just freaking excited that we're getting a refund at all. But it would be super nice to have that refund now. When I bought my house in early 2008 I got the $7500 refund, Coach did the same in December 2008. We sold both in 2009. So we had to pay that back. What saved us were all the improvements we had to do to sell the houses, the fact that I lost about $10,000 on my sale said and done, and that we'd filed Single-Zero on our W4s for the entire year.  So we're getting a little back, something of a miracle. But still want that moohlah now! I feel like Veruca Salt

In other news my little sister just got her engagement photos back (she'll be married May of 2011) and they made me cry. She and her fiance looked so dang beautiful. I was just all teary eyed. She graduates from college on the 8th of May and I'm shocked about that as well. She's grown up so fast and I feel so proud of her! Although it looks like my mother will just be driving up for the day, and may not stay to take my sister out to dinner so that she can be back in Houston to do her services on saturday. I have a not so minor problem with this as it's a very important day for my sister and I think she needs to be there, plus the 9th is mothers day and I'd like to freaking spend it with my mother (go figure). I realize things are different when you're a priest, but at what point can we come first? Or her health for that sake, I really think she's pushing herself too hard to be back at the church--she's bee in the hospital almost every week for over a month for complications. She needs to take it easier. But what do I know, I'm just a daughter who wants her mom to heal before she returns to work--I want her to be here in 5, 10, 15 years.

But I digress. At what point do you re-assess what is important, and what point do you get irritated with your mother who has cancer and is being ridiculous? Family comes first.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In searching for both graduation gifts for my sister and mothers day gifts, I found these truly adorable necklaces on etsy that would be precious for a mother (or a mother to be!)
Sold by ElenaGrace

Isn't that precious? You change the birth stone for the month and she stamps whatever name you want. She even has this one available that I would love for my mother:
So adorable!!! Also by ElenaGrace

She even has a pregnancy necklace that is just beautiful. How sweet would your husband be if he gifted this to you the day you were going to see your baby on the sonogram for the same time? *tear*!!
Sprout charm...A sweet new beginning.
Teeny diamond disc...A happy little baby in your belly.
Small heart charm...LOVE,LoVE, LOVE!!! :)

and that's your gushy goodness for the day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home Improvements - Kitchen Help Ideas

Ok so after the wedding I reviewed my vendors on The Knot, which means they send you a free subscription to The Nest magazine. Which is mostly kinda weird, but has some very cool home improvement photos. Like ziiisss one from The Lettered Cottage:

which looked like zissss before:
See how the finished cabinets are significantly taller, have trim molding, and just look higher quality? Yeah, her husband did that himself. He even posted a very good tutorial on it. 
Would I love to do this? Yes!!
Can I? No. :(
Because we have slanted ceilings throughout the kitchen.  However, we could add extra tall molding on top and paint them that awesome color. Which.... I feel inspired to do. Although, I have to say I will be keeping the cabinet faces on because I don't want my chaos to be displayed. It would drive me nuts.

I however, could instal wooden corbels (yes, like everything they have a technical name) under the cabinets which I love:
But I love that bead bord. Hm.... This could totally work!! To check out more of Lyla's blog on her kitchen go check her out at The Lettered Cottage. Poor Coach might be tackling this this summer if I'm still in the clear to be painting come June 1 and can help. I just love this, it would get rid of our horrible oak cabinets (hurl). Also we'd be getting rid of our wonderfully discussing wallpaper this summer too, regardless.

Monday, April 19, 2010


myself and Payton, my friend Kristine's baby.

So I had a wonderful weekend. Friday Coach and I went to celebrate my long time friend Brandi's birthday down in Fort Worth, which is always hilarious. Saturday morning I drove down to Austin to have mani-pedi's with my high school friends, then ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant.  We always have so much fun and I'm so reminded of how lucky we are to still all be friends after so many years.  It was nice.  Sunday my sister and her fiance came over and we grilled and caught up. 

So while all that was so fun, Saturday morning I had a major meltdown. Like ugly cry and not-so-minor breakdown essentially.  It started with me taking a pregnancy test that was, obviously, negative.  I guess I need to preface this by saying I never had a period with my IUD (was awesome, not going to lie), and haven't had one since getting it removed either.  7.weeks.ago.!!!! I seriously was hoping by some miracle I'd gotten pregnant right off the bat, but I'm obviously still in suspended animation on the uterus front. Which is so annoying, because who knows if everything is in lockdown or not! I mean cripes!  So my prenatal vitamins give me all the dang symptoms of pregnancy without any of the good things (LIKE A FREAKING BABY). I was so destroyed. I was so hoping we were going to get that test back positive!

It doesn't help that the only thing I've ever wanted to be is a mom, that Coach is so wonderful and can't stop himself from mentioning our future kiddos constantly, and we're so damn excited to be parents.  I feel like there's a huge hole in me just waiting to be filled by this little creature we'll make. I just want to share that with Coach, to be a mommy so badly. It consumes me, it's so sad! So I flipped out. Coach held me and brushed my hair back, and just kept trying to remind me that it'll happen when it's meant to and not on Colleen Time. I just want this baby so badly.

Dear uterus: quit being a little bitch and do what you were created for!

That and my mom was back in the hospital last week without telling my sister or I, for chemo induced severe dehydration diarrhea (sounds fun right?). There is so much drama there that I'll just save it for another post, but I can't believe my mom is still hiding so much from us. It's brain bashing. Oh well.

So basically, good weekend but still frustrated with my body and hopefully I'll get some sign either way.  Seriously, I feel like my lady bits are just in freeze lock or something! cripes! I'll never be so happy to see Aunt Flo! Just something! sheesh! But whatever, woooosahhhhhhhh

Friday, April 16, 2010

Girls Weekend

This weekend I am meeting all my friends from high school choir (8 of us have really stayed in touch! They are awesome ladies!) are meeting Saturday for a girls night. For this, I will drive to Austin for a day of spa and fine dining. I don't know where we're going to eat yet, it was between:
with the leaders being Tree House Grill and Shady Grove, but all would be tasty!

We'll be getting awesome nail treatments at the Milk + Honey Spa, which I really really need. It's been such a stressful 2 weeks. I feel like I haven't had a minute to truly relax where I haven't been thinking about 100 things, since Easter practically. Work is NUTS. But don't get me started. Our city is really hurting, like everyone, and it's been busy with budget prep.  Also my crown popped out last night, got it fixed this morning, but am still unable to eat. Threw my back out last week, got it fixed, but still painful. It's been b.u.s.y.

So I'm getting a hotel room, enjoying the relaxation, and going to enjoy my ladies. Very excited. So have a nice weekend! I know I will when I leave tomorrow!

MMMMM Cupcakes

Ok so while searching for what (exactly) clotted cream is (omg so effing tasty. Had it at a tea room on an awesome scone. almost drooled all over my mother in law when it arrived during our awesome girls day last weekend), I found this website: The Cupcake Project. What? A whole blog dedicated to delicious cupcakes? NO!!! Someone stop me!!

Also found this on her lovely blog, her son Myles in the cutest onsie I've ever seen next to the crawfish ones previous posted:

Doeskin that photo just make you smile? I want to bake a cupcake AND a baby! Not literally, more like the 9 months long version of baking if you know what I mean! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New BackYard

So we finally got our new patio and extra concrete to extend our driveway to fit 2 cars (we have a 2 car garage, but the concrete wasn't wide enough. no sense!). Plus a huge drainage system to fix our flooding issue.
So here is before (can you tell they had a huge hot tub? ew infections disease)
And The new driveway concrete, you can see it to the right. Coach's truck is almost completely on it.
the new patio!!

so now we just need patio furniture, right Coach!! :) Plus with all this wonderful weather, we can enjoy our big backyard now!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thoughts On Life and Baby

During my morning perusal of my google reader, it came to my attention that Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey broke up. Not generally something I'd give a crap about, but I have just read two of her books and am suddenly interested in more than who she is as a pretty face. I'd looked her up on imdb, and checked out more of her books to see if they were something I'd also like to read. I really liked Belly Laughs and Baby Laughs.  They were funny, insightful, and they were written just like I'd write a book about the things no one tells you about pregnancy.  I was both laughing and crying.  Not to mention that they're both super short, so you can read them easily in a few hours.

I think I become more than interested in stars or authors when I read their books and like their personalities in them. I feel sad for her, 5 years is a long time! Holy cow! and they seemed so happy, it makes you wonder about why they'd end it.  But now I want to read a few more of her books. I think she's a nice lady, and someone who really loves her son and will do anything to help him and promote preventing his disease (he has autism). I'd like to think that I'd be that strong if my child was diagnosed with something, and I think I would be. But I also know that I would do it with Coach and we'd approach it together, with faith, and support--she and her husband's marriage crumbled because of his diagnosis (among other things, I'm sure, but still). I can't imagine going through something that hard without Coach. He's going to be such a wonderful father.

But anyway, I loved her books and after reading them I feel like I'm a little more educated to handle the nasties and the goodies of pregnancy. The regular pregnancy books are so dry and don't mention a lot of the things she talks about. Although, like her, I think I'll be fine until it comes time to go to the hospital--where I might totally freak out. They're hilarious books and she's blunt just like I am and I enjoyed how she put things. She's real, and I guess that's why I felt some connection to her story. Check them out, hopefully you'll enjoy them whenever you get baby crazed like me. :)