Monday, March 22, 2010


So for those who don't know, the Passover Seder is a very big meal for both Jews and Christians.  Most Christians are too ignorant to know it, and I'm always surprised at how many look down on those of the Jewish faith. Do you not know your own history? Jesus was a poor Jew.  The last supper was, itself, a Passover Seder meal.  It is a meal celebrating the exodus of the Jews from Egypt (for a simple version of the history behind every moment in the Seder, check out the movie Price of Egypt--pretty good).

My maternal Grandmother's family is Jewish, she converted during her childhood. We have celebrated in my house the Passover Seder every year, for my entire life. We have always had to endure gefilte fish, bitter herbs, and then the tasty lamb dinner.  This is the first year I am able to host my own.  The symbolism that this is my first year as part of a greater whole, with my husband, is not lost on me. I have also decided to do some editing from our traditional Haggadah and make a new one. I have begun this process. I feel it's improtant as Coach and I build our family to continue these traditions so our children will understand the history of their family, their faith, and the people from whom we (as a world) came from and the struggles we have endured in the name of freedom and peace. 

The Seder dinner itself is a long meal of family, friends, and learning. It is a history of my people and a journey of faith and discovery. This year I have had my own journey of faith and discovered myself in a new way, so I feel like my new Haggadah needs to reflect that and begin a family strength in tradition that we can build on for our lives.  

I am unsure who will be coming to our Passover celebration this year, but I am looking forward to anyone coming who is interested in learning about faith, family, and the history of our people.  Full of people who can keep their eyes and mind open, their love encompassing, and their arms wide for the aid of others. I hope you have family traditions that bring you the same joy.
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