Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Year Ago

One year ago today (well it was a Tuesday, if you want to get technical it was March 10, 2009) Coach and I met. This was after 2-3 weeks of hilarious eharmony conversations and lots of emails and texts. We were planning on meeting later in the week, but I had dinner plans that bailed and so we met that night. It was the only date I've ever been on that I didn't stress out on. I drove down to Arlington and ate at our (now favorite) restaurant. We sat at the bar, enjoyed lots of good dark beer, had awesome German food, laughed so hard core, and closed the place down. He kissed me that night while we were eating dinner, and it wasn't the beer or the nerves but that we looked at each other and he did exactly what we both wanted--no shame, no worries, just kissed me. We also after dinner made out for a long time in the parking lot, I can say that now because we're married and it's ok. :)

I left feeling elated and really happy, and scared that he wouldn't call. He not only called, but we spent every night since that day together. I met his family that friday, we started going to church together every week, and then we were engaged on April 24, 2009 (he proposed at that same restaurant!). We are seriously living a fairytale. And I'm so happy that it worked out. And as embarrassing as it is, yes we did meet via eharmony. But I seriously think it works. I have 1 friend who married an eharmony dude, and another who is about to. So it can't be all b.s.--I think you just have to be totally honest with the way you answer their questions and with what you're looking for. Which we both were. Very honest. :)

So here's to you my darling husband; 1 year ago today you changed my life. Here's to the next 80!
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