Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My baby is sick!

My sweet baby boy, Donnie, is sick.

Luckily Coach is home this week during Spring Break, to be with the little man.  When I let them out this morning he was uncharacteristically silent. Then they came in and I fed them and he barely ate (usually he barely chews, he eats so dang fast).  Then when they went in their crate I couldn't get him to move in further than the door, so I had to push him and push Georgia in behind him (totally not like them -- they love their crate!!).  I texted Coach but AT&T has been having iPhone issues all day (solution, go to your settings and turn off 3G), so I actually got his text before he got mine. Donnie threw up 4 times in about 30 minutes, I don't think he's barfed EVER. Once on the dog bed, so that thing is history (it was already on its last legs)--and turns out that he threw up all over the back of the crate.  So coach is washing the bedding (ironically, I had just washed it this weekend. ah well.).

So he's off to buy a new dog bed, then home to make Dog tummy feel good food. Which is, for the record:

1 boneless, skinless chicken breast (or thigh)
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of rice

Boil chicken in water, over medium/medium high heat for approximately 20 minutes (or until well cooked). Remove chicken from water, let cool on cutting board and slice into very small pieces. Meanwhile, pour rice into water (which is now chicken stock-ish), cook for 20 minutes. Add chicken back into rice. Give about 1 tblsp at a time to your dog, only giving portions in about 20 minute intervals until they can keep it down. 1/4 cup is approximate regular serving for small dogs. You can also put a few carrots in the water, if your dog likes carrots (ours love them, love love them--and they're good for them).
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