Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Ending to March

Well March is almost over (wow).  Things have been really good and peaceful this month. It's been nice having Coach home more, getting stuff done around the house (new kitchen sink installed! yippie!), and we're really happy and content right now. It's been a long time coming.  Things are still hard, don't get me wrong, and my mom's condition is constantly on my mind. But overall, I really am feeling blessed these days.

I also painted one half of the hallway that is the entrance to our house. Here are some photos:
View into the kitchen. You can see the awful wallpaper. Close up to come.

Down the hallway. Wall to the right is unpainted. Everything to the left has been painted. (and Georgia in her dog cubby)
 Looking at the door into the laundry/mud room (which exits into portico).
 View from the front door. Looking into the family room.

I'm standing in the dining room, looking down the hall into the Kitchen.  2 pantries are on the left and mud room is the door you see on the right. The awful overhead light is being replaced asap, we just haven't gotten it put in yet.

As promised, the AWFUL kitchen wallpaper. It is horrific. This will hopefully be gone this summer. *hurl*

We are going to get the drainage issue taken care of sooner than expected because we got a quote Monday that was thousands less than we'd anticipated, and it's from a company that does a ton of work for our church and in the metroplex.  Pretty sweet, so I gotta call the dude back today and schedule it.  They'll be putting a bunch of french drains in, pouring a huge patio, adding cement to our driveway (so we can park 2 cars side by side), removing a huge tree stump, and dumping some extra dirt around part of our foundation that is completely exposed. I'm really exited to have that done in time for summer and before the storms come--the drainage was freaking us out.  Then we can get patio furniture and enjoy our awesome backyard (newly trimmed by Coach)!! YAYYYY!!!

Things are good. :) Love my husband. Love my life.
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