Friday, March 12, 2010

Email Forwards

I think we all have those people who once we get on their "list" they wont stop emailing the stupid forwarded emails from hell. What do you do with these people? I delete them, usually. However, sometimes these people have information I need for family events, so I can't just spam them and send them to my "get the hell out of my inbox" folder. 

But here's the question, do you seriously think the 800 emails you send me every day mean that you love me more or something? Because they're freaking stupid. I'd much rather a genuine email or none at all. Do I ever reply to these? fuck no.

I do have to say that there are certain people who send forwards that I alwasy read them, but these are also the same people who rarely send anything so when you get one you know it'll be dang funny. 

but otherwise, if you're one of these people: seriously? stop with the stupid forwards! they are so annoying!! ugh!!

So sorry, but I just deleted (no joke) 12 from one person, today alone. And they're coming in sporadically and my phone beeps. So I think it's something from a real friend, but no. faked out every time. And on a side note, my stupid phone is dying so I have to go to the Apple Store to have them look at it. Which means they'll probably replace it (this will be my 3rd iPhone replacement. thank gosh I got the apple care plan. best 75 bucks ever), and it'll be all boring until I go home and upload my settings.  which, btw, I wish I could do on multiple computers without it wiping it clean. that's so freaking dumb! If anyone knows how I can do that without it deleting everything, I'd be much appreciated.

NOTE: they ended up replacing my phone. at least they were helpful. wish they'd given me a 3gs but oh well! :)
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