Thursday, March 25, 2010

East Guest Room

So I finally got around to painting the most dinged up room in the house. It looks so cute. I picked this room first because it needed it really badly, it was boring, it'll eventually be the baby's room and you can't paint when your pregnant, and I wanted to paint something green and it worked out that well. :) So I painted, and kinda redecorated. There used to be a red and brown duvet cover in here, but I put it on our bed (score! why didn't I do that sooner) and put the quilt that was hand made for us by Coach's Great Aunt on it (and some fun pillows).

I think it worked out well, don't you? And that TV has all the classic video games on it from Original Nintendo to PS2 (even Sega, etc!!). Yes, that was obviously Coach's contribution to the room. :) the Dogs certainly like it:
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