Thursday, March 4, 2010

Difference Between Coach and I

So maybe this is a miss-title, but sometimes Coach bugs the poopie out of me. Maybe because he's a man and they just are missing key synapses, but when it comes to major stuff at home he is lacking in the decision making category. And I was having to make a huge decision yesterday for my health, and he was adamant about not wanting to voice anything. Does he not have an opinion or does he just want to leave it to me? Either way, I really really wanted his input but he wouldn't give anything but the general "I totally support whatever you want to do, it's your body and your choice." This is related to the uterine pain and blood pressure issue I've mentioned previously, as I was now on doctor visit #3 with limited answers.

I just want him to have an opinion on things. When he does voice his thoughts, they're always something that makes me step back and think and I appreciate his input (he is my husband after all). But he is noticeably absent during a lot of the decision making in our lives. I just want him to say something, and while the support is nice I need him to help me. I'm not asking him to make the decision for me, just to be a part of it for cripes sake.

What's the harm in that?

Coach is also finishing out (plywood and wiring for plugs) our garage so we can put stuff away and get my car in, which I will apparently be able to do this weekend. Which is nice. We also have to replace the toilet in the master bath this weekend, so we've got to shop around. Well we don't have to, but it's driving me nuts. He can make those decisions, no problem. But the big stuff, he runs away from. Ugh. I think I'm also going to get a can of paint and paint one of the guest rooms. I'm antsy to get some painting done in the house. All the white walls are driving me banana's. I think I picked some good colors though, finally. I only had like 25 paint swatches on the walls. I just have to get rid of the awful wallpaper soon, it's getting more garish daily. So I duhno. It's nearing summer so Coach said he'd do that, especially since it looks like the garage will be done sooner than I'd ever anticipated. I didn't even realize what he'd been doing out there in the man cave until I had to go grab a hammer for something and there were walls. Whatever. boys are weird about their garages. We all know this.

To not end on an annoying note, the braised short ribs were, in a word, in.freaking.credible.

5lbs short ribs
1 onion, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
2 celery stalks, chopped
4 cloves of garlic, chopped
2 bottles of Guinness stout

brown meat in a pan, transfer to slow cooker. cook in the same pan (with a little olive oil) onion, celery, carrots, and garlic until soft. transfer to slow cooker, pour Guinness in. Set on low for 7 hours (mine switches to warm after the timer goes off, and sat there until we were ready to eat). Remove meat, puree cooking liquid, add enough flour to make a gravy. Serve.

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