Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Craft Alert

So in my absence of wedding crafts to do I was feeling bored. Well not bored but just lacking in the craft department, and I'm not quite ready to start painting yet. So I saw some cute crafties on a blog, and got crankin' since everyone and their dog is preggo.

I started making pretty burp cloths and baby blankets, not the normal kind but the funky "I'm a funky fun adult" kind. read: I hate the walmart, target, boring ones that are out there that people keep registering for and kept seeing super cute fabrics at Hobby Lobby and they're more fun. after all, it the baby doesn't care what it looks like the woman does.

So I started making these sucka's:Yup, that's right people. They're burp cloths. And they're a 100 times cuter than most burp cloths. Made them with Gerber cloth diapers, so they're both cute and absorbent. So far, they're loved and thought to be adorable. I have to take photos of the matching receiving blankets I made. Those are more time consuming, but also everyone loves them. These babies are up on my new etsy shop--because I'm curious to see if anyone wants to buy them while I'm still having fun making them. And cloth diapers come in huge packages and I didn't need that many to send to the various people who have given birth lately. So yeah... we'll see.

I think they're beyond adorable. But is it just me in my crafty haze?
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