Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Surgery Update

Just talked to my mom. She's been sitting up in a chair since about 10am. She's in quite a bit of pain but they said today will be the worst. They tried getting her to walk around but it hurt too much, so they'll try again later or tomorrow it sounds like. They did take her lymph nodes, her stomach, her gall bladder, and then connected the esophagus and her intestine to make her new "stomach". She is only eating ice chips now, but in the next 2 days they'll try her liquid food through her catheter then they'll move onto real food. She has to be able to eat before they release her from the hospital. But they have to wait a little while for her to eat since they connected two different types of tissues and they have to adjust to the initial shock of surgery.

She said she had a bath this morning and was feeling a lot better after that and just being up is hard, she falls asleep a lot (probably from all the pain meds), but that she's totally ready to get through this and get better. She sounded exhausted and hurting, but still in good spirits.

Just wanted to let you know.
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