Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recap: Wedding

Friday I woke up and made cinnamon rolls (I think? Yes, this sounds familiar). Kris got to the house early and I loaded her 4runner up with all the centerpieces and reception stuff. Off she went. Huge help! Then I ate and Alexis woke up, my sister appeared, and we went to get our hair done. My mom met us there and it didn’t really take us that long. We picked up food (which was pointless since everyone was … well… not at my house), made a stop to find a scarf for mom to wear at the wedding, and got our nails done. We blasted out of the nail salon and mom went back to the hotel to change, Caitlin and I went to the house and slapped our makeup on in record freaking time. We piled stuff in the car and got out of the house.

We hit traffic. Major traffic. Of freaking course. So we rocked out to Ace of Base and had fun. But we got to the ceremony and things were going to be fine, except that the photographer wanted photos of my dress and took like 30 minutes! So I was rushed getting into my dress and it was kinda frustrating. Then I got in the dress (yay Tiffany!) and gave my mom her gift (card written by Coach, she bawled) and my sister hers. Opened the awesome charm bracelet Coach got me (it has a bride & groom charm, house charm, and OkState charm). My mom said an awesome prayer (I hope they got a photo of that), and we went into the small chapel and took some photos—just us Gilmore Girls. But during all this I felt incredibly rushed and flustered. I wish I could have had enough time to just sit down for like 10 minutes because we had everything done.

Ah well. Ceremony, vows, etc.

We went to the reception and the whole drive there I couldn’t believe it and we were just all smiles. Really only a few snafu’s at the reception: the wine glasses I had made for specific people were lost until the very end, I forgot to put the memory card in the funny mustache camera, and Coach’s family put a huge bowling ball w/commercial grade chain on his ankle and cut the lock key. Right after our first dance. I.was.l.i.v.i.d. They took it off but then put it back on before we left. So we had to drive down to his parents house 30 miles away, get it off, then drive 40 miles to the hotel. It ruined the end of the night, I will not lie. I was so pissed.

I also don’t know whether or not I was dehydrated, but I felt sick that night and there wasn’t enough salt in my body to retain water. I felt hung-over except I hadn’t had but a 1/4th a glass of wine. So I should have just eaten more at dinner I guess, but I think it was just being everywhere. It was fun dancing with everyone.

My mom got super sick during the reception and so we barely got any photos, so hopefully the ones they got were good. It was hard for her and she kept getting ill and couldn’t do much and I felt bad with her there so late and feeling awful. I know she was feeling awful all weekend. She almost collapsed and had to lay down for most of the reception, and then they left early. Which meant of course I was worried about her the whole time and I don’t remember about an hour of the entire night. But I guess that’s how it goes. At least she was there.
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