Tuesday, February 23, 2010

House is STILL Unresolved

Omg. I just called USAA/GMAC mortgage and they still have no clue when I'll get our escrow/tax money. Tarrant County says the transfer back to them happened on the 15th of January. It is now 81 days since we closed on Bluff View. Eighty ONE DAYS!! It is also 39 days since GMAC has had the damn money floating in their accounts. Fuck beans people!

Because the super shady shitty deal was even more of hassle that it was to begin with, the stupid title company double paid our taxes because they didn't check with the mortgage company to see if they had. Which they had. So now I'm still awaiting my $3,034.48 worth of escrow money that should appear, ohh... by say... July? So we're still awaiting all that money to reimburse ourselves for our closing costs. Well thanks big GMAC mortgage for screwing over my finances for, now, almost 3 months. Must be nice to just cuddle with my money like that.

Ugh!! Oh.my.GOD!! Will this house shit never end!! We signed it over on December 4th people, december freaking fourth!
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