Thursday, February 11, 2010

Final Wedding Notes

So I'm done with recaps and I do feel better. I know it might seem childish but I don't care. HA!

Things I learned:
  • If you helped someone with their wedding, don't assume they'll help with yours. It’s some sick rule.
  • If you did someone’s bachelorette party, and they say they’ll do yours, either hound them or don’t expect it to happen—and even if you ask repeatedly, you’ll end up doing it yourself. Don’t let yourself be disappointed, but you will be (probably).
  • Basically, just take more time off than you’d planned. If they do, by some miracle, show up and help—then you’ve got extra time to breathe. But don’t plan for it.
  • Make sure you have at least an hour and a half at the ceremony location before the wedding. Your photographer can eat up half that time just with your dress, then you have to get into it, give presents, take more photos, and you want time to just SIT and BREATHE before you walk. You don’t want to go “wait, what?” when they say “ok it’s time”. It’ll already be a whirlwind.
  • Ask the grooms family if there are any “surprise” things you should know they do for each family. Do your best to make it not happen or just not look pissed when it does—the latter option is probably the only realistic one.
  • Your new mantra: It is what it is. Rinse, repeat.
  • If your mom or dad has cancer or any illness, you have to force them to not over exert themselves. Because then it’s no fun for anyone if you’re worrying about them.
  • Pack Gatorade and snacks in your overnight bag, you’ll need the salt.
  • Take ibuprofen all day of the wedding. Lots of it.
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