Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Hello Again....

Hahaha well uh.... sorry for the absence! But things have been busy.

Coach is in full soccer coach mode, they have had tournaments the last 2 weekends and he has one this weekend too. He actually had 2 players get concussions in this morning's game, so I don't know how this evening will go... but I'll be there to support. :) Should be interesting... I should also probably learn something about the sport he loves so much other than goals are good. :) But I've got the next 80 or so years, no rush.

The house is great, we're still moving things around a bit. The ugliest curtains known to man are now gone, although we still haven't gotten all the curtain rods up that I had to purchase with our wedding money. Well, we haven't gotten ANY rods up to be honest. And seriously, I don't understand how you can own a home and not have a SINGLE curtain rod up. No joke, there were like wire tension hangers holding these floral abominations up. So that kinda SUCKS. No painting has commenced, as our finances are still a bit of a mess from 2 houses, honeymoon, PhD school starting back up for me last week, me needing a new computer for said classes, and the assorted lovelies that come with transferring bills and utilities and the like. We're hoping February we'll know more where we stand. By march all cards should be paid off, so yeah. It's rough having so much money going everywhere and not knowing just how much you've got. I'm ready to figure out how our finances are going to work now that we're done to one house, it's not on the market, and we're staying put. But I digress.

I've been having intense cramps in my lady regions for the past 2 months, went and got tests run before the honeymoon, and found out I have fibroids. Which kinda sucks. So our baby making plans have been reassessed considering we may have problems conceiving, but maybe not, who knows. No, we're not trying in the next year, but we have had to kind of think more about it. But it's all good, just (unfortunately) pretty painful.

My mom has finisher her 3rd round of Chemo and is doing better, she's able to eat a little. She had a good (but quiet) Christmas. She will have her whole stomach and all her nodes removed February 9th, so next month is going to include a lot of visits to Houston to help her since she can't do anything for a while (think c-section limitations, but worse. 6-8" incision. boo). But it's happened at a "good" time for me, so I'll be able to be there to help as much as I can. We'll keep you updated on that.

And I think that's enough for now. There seems to be already a lot of drama going on in 2010, but overall life for us is very calm now that both Coach and I are feeling very contented with our lives and life choices. Me getting back into my PhD has really made me feel better about my work situation, and I'm super pumped to get really going. Not just so that I can get the degree and my dream teaching job, because that's obviously the goal, but also because work seems a lot less prison-like since I've got this nice backup plan that's really going to work. :) Plus he's so darn cute.
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