Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ok. This is random but I guess for a PhD student (which I am, officially, again) not so much.

Can you read articles and everything online? Now I'm not talking about people.com articles, but like really long stuff, government or business documents, plans, or guidance information? I cannot. I hate it. Here's why:

  1. I love to highlight and make notes: there's so much crap in everything, i like to get to the good stuff, and also be able to find it again.

  2. I make notes. a lot of them. (this applies to school stuff too).

  3. If it's a good document I want to come back to it and use it again. And I hate searching or saving 800 things on my hard drive when I can print it off once, file it away, and wabbo! it's there when I need it.

  4. I like making files for everything. For example, for all my PhD stuff I have a file folder for every academic article author: not for every article, but like all my Quarantelli articles go in one folder. This is mostly so when it comes to dissertation time I can go search for the 800 journal articles I've read and I can tell by author, and not have to go through by class. And I read a lot of the same ones multiple times.

  5. I just hate reading stuff online.

  6. I love the feel of paper. this applies to books too. I loathe reading online.

So that's that. And on a side note (kinda), since my PhD class doesn't have a book and all we have are journal articles--I like the tangible aspect of the printouts. call me old fashioned. whatever. I like it.

-Love your neighborhood tree killer

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