Saturday, January 30, 2010

Please Donate

While I would have loved to post this before the climb, it was a secret. And secrets are hardest to keep from those you love especially when they're your best friend.

Today myself and Tiffany, as well as other who know him, are climbing 52 flights of stairs for the BigD Climb for the Lymphoma Society. While this climb is going to be hard and I hope I don't die (bronchitis + sinus infection + antibiotics + steroids = low blood pressure).  I am doing this to honor one of the most ethical, moral, salt of the earth, just damn good and awesome people I know. And nothing will keep me from that. Especially for one of the best people on this earth. Who also happened to be diagnosed with Lymphoma about 2 months ago. Preston baby, we love you. Feel strong today and know all of us are fighting for you.

If you can, you can still donate to the Lymphoma Society in our team name and for Preston.

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