Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My awesome friend Tiffany did a year end favorites post in addition to what she wants to achieve for 2010.  Now, last year I made a list and stuck it on my fridge all.year.long. for my 2009 goals. for the most part I achieved them. Here's the highlights from 2009, lesson's learned and all the good stuff:

  • Started off wanting to clear my head and date someone who wanted the same stuff I did.
  • Painted the Bluff View House
  • Dated a Looser, survived (again) and decided to REALLY not settle
  • Met Coach like 3 weeks later.
  • Immediately knew he was. the.one.
  • Got Engaged in April
  • Married in December
  • Maui in December, Hawaii for the first time
  • My mom found out she has gastric cancer, she continues to teach me strength
  • Found a new family.
  • Found a new church
  • Sold a home
  • Bought a home
  • will. never. move. again.
  • Learned patience.
  • Said my vows, didn't cry (definately warbled though)
  • Lost 5lbs.
  • Got my confidence back.
  • Reminded myself that life is supposed to be hard and fun, all at the same time.
  • New moto: it is what it is.
  • Learned to love someone who loves  me back, maybe even a little more than I love him.
  • Will spend the rest of my life loving him more.
Coach and I came up with our goals for 2010 in Maui. so here they are:
  • Get finances back in order, post wedding and house buying
  • Take a trip to D.C. to sight see (he's never been!) and see my family
  • Pay off the Bluff View Floors, furniture, and my ring (Floors and ring to be paid in 3 weeks, done and done)
  • Update the house
  • Host the family father's day celebration
  • Get to Houston more to see my mom
  • Save for hardwoods in the house
  • Start back at my PhD (next week!)
  • Save for a ski trip next year
  • Not forget why we married each other
  • Celebrate our 1 year anniversary in style! (TBD)
subject to change, and as you can see we've already checked off a few. :)

So that's our goals. I'm not a resolution person. But I do have one: get back into my favorite jeans. I don't care if I weigh the same as long as they fit comfortably again. I miss them. :(
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