Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mr. & Mrs.

So I feel like I'm already forgetting things. I'm married though, and that keeps surprising the poop out of me.  I look down and see my extra band, look at Coach's hand and see his shining ring on his handsom hands, or I just see how happy he is, and feel how relaxed I am. Overall, being married is badass. I am so calm and even, I don't even remember what it was like before I was constantly doing wedding crafts and multiple DIY projects. We have our study back, my sanity has returned, and we're enjoying each other. No, I didn't mean that in a dirty way.... but I can't really deny that either. :) teehheeeee

I'm not going to say everything wasn't crazy. I don't think I sat still from the time I got off work last Wednesday until probably Sunday morning after all our guests had flown out, bags were unpacked at home, and the puppies were once again cuddled on my lap. Oh the puppies... you are my sanity keepers (ironic since they're the most insane creatures ever, but maybe that's why I love them. they make me seem normal). 

There was a lot of family drama leading up to thursday and I cried. A.L.O.T. and I was pissed too. But once I finally arrived (very late) to the rehearsal, I huged Coach and he did what he does best -- he calmed me down by just holding on too tight, cracking a (stupid) joke, and holding my hand -- reminding me that I'm really only here for HIM. That the whole pile of shit was just for him, to marry him. It's harder to remember that than I thought. really hard, which it shouldn't be but it was.

Thursday Kristine picked up all my reception stuff and took care of everything, it was awesome. And I let her do all of it. Then my sister came over and we went to get our hair done, mom met us there, we went and found her a black scarf to wear, and got our nails done. We were (of course) later than usual, ran into traffic to the church, but got there just around the time everyone was there. And between that time and walking down the isle everything is a blur. Photographer taking photos of my dress, giving people stuff to put around church, watching mom cry at Coach's card and gift, getting strapped into my dress by 2 of my best friends, taking photos in the small chapel, then all of a sudden--it was here.

It was surreal. We were taking photos (Mom, Caitlin, and I) then one of the church ladies came in and said they were ready for us. I am thinking "ok 5 minutes, oh sh*t". Then we walk around the corner where they said Thursday we'd wait, and we didn't wait. when she said they were ready, I remember hearing (vaguely over my racing heart) the music I had so carefully picked out, and walking towards the door and seeing the boys holding it open. It hit me: I'm walking NOW. And I have to turn around to find my mom and we hold hands and walk. I could NOT believe it. I almost lost it when I saw my cousins bawling, and then I saw Coach and it took everything in me to not make out with him right then. He looked like.... my life. :)

then we went through the whole service, surveyed the audience for our friends and family, I stuck my tongue out at my sister (heheee), we said our vows, put our rings on, had communion, and were announced. I don't know how long it was, but I couldn't belive it was happening. I kept looking at Jon and all I could do was smile. He dipped me and I floated back down the isle with my stunning husband beside me for all of eternity.

And the reception was just as awesome...

and I still can't breathe when I think of him, still want to pinch myself when he calls me his wife, and still want to marry him every day of my life. I'm so in love. And I thought I loved you then...

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