Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 days

Let me just say this, the closer you get to your wedding day you become very aware of who is worth the time you put into your relationship. I'm not speaking about Coach. I'm talking about friends, insane family, and the like. It has become abundantly clear that I'm not the one causing stress, it's all the stupidity that keeps arrising surrounding these people. That if they would just back the F off, and go "maybe we shouldn't bother her with our ridiculous drama, she's probably got a lot on her plate what with getting married this week and all her family driving/flying into town, I'll keep my petty, retarded behavior to myself." but NOOOOOOO....

Oh and I'm sorry, yes I have missed lots of phone calls. Yes, I am returning them, no I am not able to return them five seconds after you left the message. Do not immediately text me, email me, and then call again.
  • If you call me, leave a message--if you don't leave a msg don't expect a call back.
  • If you call me and leave a message, expect either
    • A. I'll call you within 2-6 hours or
    • B. I'll email you the answers to your 800 questions that I shouldn't have to deal with.
Is this rocket science? perhaps.

I've planned this entire thing without the aid of anyone except periodic input from Coach. Now is not the time for you to suggest that I should have had things organized for out of town guests the following weekend. Newsflash: I don't care, and the people involved don't either. 

for those of my awesome friends picking up centerpieces friday and taking them to the venue, picking up things after the ceremony, and loading vehicles before our departure from reception: you are awesome and I hope to not abuse you. but I also cannot do it, I've come to that realization. I also no longer give a sh*t. Here's why:
  • I just don't
  • I'm tired
  • my house finally sold monday
  • I'm signing on the new house next week
  • I have the inspection on the new house tomorrow
  • I've not taken all this week to deal with you people, I'm working Mon, Tues, Wed.
  • It's not going to be perfect no matter how hard I try, and Coach is too tired at this point to support any more panic attacks so I'm done too (wise advice)
  • I just want to be married. I don't care what else happens. I'm excited to get my hair done friday, put my dress on, and go to the church. other than that: you're S.O.L.
  • It's my party. You paying for it? no? then shut up. You helping with anything? No? The shut the F up.
  • My mom is sick, and I just want things to be easy for all of us. You are making her more stressed, me more stressed, and driving us all insane. take a flippin' chill pill. I want her to enjoy this time not worry about you and your drama.
  • I am excited to see all my friends from out of town, my family (my dad's family!! My cousins are coming! they are AWESOME!), and all our guests---you will not ruin that for me.
so there. it's 3 days out. Thursday I will be going to the vineyard to pick up and drop stuff out, getting my nails done, and then going to the rehersal and dinner. Friday I will be loading my friends car with centerpieces (she is awesome and taking care of all of that for me), relaxing, getting hair done, getting rings cleaned, picking up my party platter from Schlotzskys, and hanging out/getting ready until I leave for the church at 5:30.

R.E.L.A.X. (or so we'll see...)

Rant over. t-minus 72 hours.
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