Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sponsor Couple

So we are required, by the church, to have a sponsor couple. Their sole purpose is to go over a test we took like a week after we got engaged last april and then they give us another test, and we talk about issues it brought up. Well the test itself is AWFUL. It has the worst answer choices and forces you to answer, when nothing fits, then the questions themself are just terrible. We walked out after taking that test and were both irritated, so I can only wonder what the hell the scores said. lovely.

So anyway, I get a call on my cell phone last night as we're going to bed. I check the message this morning and it's the sponsor couple, finally. They say that they've called and left messages (seriously?) on my home phone and to call. So I call this morning and the husband answers and he is a total ass right off. Totally combative. He starts off with "you're the couple who thinks their getting married on December 11th" I said, no we ARE getting married December 11th. His response: the priest and church require you to do the sponsor couple and since you haven't called us back we were about to turn your file back in and you won't be able to be married. I'm like are you fucking kidding me? I'm getting married dickbrain, we have talked about JP'ing it up since day 1 because the church has been so ridiculous. Don't tempt us. We can hold it at Delaney Vineyards, they've already said we can have the whole thing there. so HA! I.will.end.you.do.not.threaten.me.or.my.family.

Then he asks me what day. Coach has practice Monday Tuesday, games Thursday Friday. I have RCIA (catholic conversion) classes Monday, City Council Tuesdays, meetings Wednesday. He's like oh you're in RCIA. What do you look like. I say I've got long black and grey hair. Oh you sit in the front row, your fiance is bald. I'm so shocked by the rude way he said it I was like, yes we sit in the front row. and he kept going! "like bald, but shaves the sides. white guy. totaly bald." yeah. real nice. work on those social skills jerkoff.

Coach shaves his head. yes. yes he is follicaly challenged. I think he looks great with a shaved head, I think he looks creepy when he did have hair, and I think it's sexy now. but who says it like that? seriously? Are you the fat ugly guy sitting 4 rows back? yes? You're the one, really fat, huge belly, can't see their feet fat? Oh yeah I know who you are.

UGH!!! So it continues and I'm getting more and MORE angry. Decide sunday, whatever.

20 minutes later I get a call from his sweet wife and we set up the sunday meeting, she says no problem sorry we didn't try your Cell phones, we'll have it done in 2 weeks, we'll just have a longer meeting sunday, no problem, yada yada, tells me about her business, whatever.

this.is.the.most.ridiculous.set.of.hoops.ever. It is no wonder that people do not get married in churches any more. I wish we hadn't wanted to. this is awful.

I'm still pissed but tirade over. I can only think that if I get this protective of my marriage when I'm not even married yet, I'm going to be crazy psycho mother if someone ever fucks with my kids. watch out.

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