Thursday, November 19, 2009

Housing DRAMA

OK. Here's the drama:

We'll call our current home "Bluff View" and the home we were supposed to buy will be "Trails Edge". Bluff View has been on the market since June and we had a potential buyer in October but they totally flaked out and we were pissed. It was supposed to come off the market November 4th at midnight. So we wouldn't have to worry about moving close to the wedding. November 4, 5:00pm we get an offer. It's ok, not great, but we take it. We put our offer in on Trails Edge later that week, everything seems to be ok... yadayada.

Monday (16th) we're out of the option period on Bluff View and they're locked in. Their shady realtor still has not sent the earnest money to the title company and we still do not have our option money, this we were all supposed to get before the end of the option period. Our realtors call and call and call, after calling last week too. Nada. We have the inspection on Trails Edge. Some SERIOUS problems emerge, and the gas company wouldn't even turn the gas on to the house because of the gas leaks in the furnace and water heater.

Yesterday (18th), Coach gets our HVAC and Plumber over to Trails Edge, it's $5000 worth of repairs just on those 2 things, not including the water damage, electical, and various other issues present. We submit a request to lower the price of the house by $5400--since we're closing Tuesday (the 24th) and they live in San Antonio and it's too quick to fix these huge issues. Trails Edge realtor calls our realtors back at 9pm and say that the buyers are already bringing $15,000 to closing, that they haven't been paying their full morgage, and this house could default eventually. They probably knew all this, the agent is sorry about that, but they just can't get any more money. I'm curently on the phone with our sellers agent about Bluff View because we got a request from the stupid-ass sleeze realtor for the buyers, now requesting repairs. 4 days after they're out of their option period. turns out, he is also their lender (shady) and is requesting some retarded things as "lender required repairs". This never happens, not for painted wood and weather stripping (Gas leaks, maybe. this is stupid shit). We decide to tell him to see the option and earnest money first. But wait 24 hours to even do that, turn about is fair play afterall.

Today (19th) I get a call from my buyers agent (I have a buyers and sellers, it's a realty team that we're working with that I like and know personaly and holy crap have they put up with a lot), she explains all the stuff from last night with Trails Edge. I'm out $1000 on that house. there's nothing we can do. I go to a work meeting thinking about what to do. She calls me back an hour ago, says she just talked to the sellers agent--the sellers don't have the $15,000 to close as it turns out, and we can't close REGARDLESS. So I decide to fuck everyone. Bluff View buyers are in default of their contract because they haven't given us the money, so we are currently submiting notice that they are in default of the contract and that we are removing the house from the market and terminating the contract. We submit a letter to Trails Edge requesting reimbursement for our $400 inspection, $100 option money, and $475 appraisal because they were executing a contract basically under the pretense that they COULD sell it when they can't. This is going to get nasty, and legal, but between 1 realtor (Trails Edge Seller's) dropping the ball and not doing his job, and the other being a sleeze-monkey (Bluff View) it's a huge cluster. We're off the market, I'm now canceling all our utility and house changes, and having to do a bunch of shit to remove everything. we were supposed to move in 5 days. Now we're staying until after Maui  and the new year, and just dealing with it.

I don't think I've stopped crying for a week now. I'm a cryer. Yes I can shoot the shit, but when i get stressed the first thing I do is ball my eyes out. don't hate.

I hate real estate, and I am going to have to really psych myself up to put this house on the market again next year and go through this all over again. I'm so discouraged and disapointed.
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