Monday, November 16, 2009

Hard News

This is never news you want to hear, but I'm emphatic that she's going to be smiling as hard core as in the photo above (from her September wedding), very very soon.

On Wednesday my mom got biopsy results back from test she had done in early November and she has Gastric (stomach) Cancer. Gastric Cancer is very serious as it easily spreads into lymph nodes and it weakens you because it also makes it very hard for your body to receive nutrients and eating is near impossible. My mom had been having intense stomach pain and cramps and hasn't been eating well for about a month. Luckily her doctor took her seriously and had the biopsy ordered.

She will be starting Chemotherapy today and they are putting a feeding tube in so she can at least get some nutrients. She will have 6-9 weeks of Chemotherapy, and sometime early next year will have her entire stomach and her lymph nodes removed, and probably have more chemo or radiation depending on how this round goes. She will begin treatment at St. Luke's in Houston and has the Bishop who oversees the hospital on her side rooting for her, as well as all of us.

She's being very optimistic and we're fully confident she will emerge victorious. For anyone who knows or has met my mom, you know she's a powerful force to be reckoned with and I'm sure she'll be fine. We are hoping that this entire experience will be as painless as possible for her. I am just asking that you please include her in your prayers and well wishes, as we will be through the coming weeks and months.


P.S. did I mention my mom's an Episcopal Priest? We've really got God on our side! :)

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