Monday, November 30, 2009


I finally made our hotel reservation for the night of the wedding. Why was this so hard? Maybe because I'm stingy and feel weird paying $2-300 on a hotel that we will only get to after 12:30AM! So whateve

I'm debating a "going away" outfit. Thoughts? I love the idea... but since we're leaving at 12:15 AM, then going to a hotel, just for a night because we don't leave for our honeymoon until a week later... maybe not. I don't know. I finished all my luminaries. Something like 80? Maybe 60? anyway, a lot of them. Those LED Tea Lights are so easy. Plus no flame, so a LOT safter. I'm excited to see them all lit up as we walk through the night light, brightened by their soft glow. :) Hopefully a good photo op!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Housing DRAMA

OK. Here's the drama:

We'll call our current home "Bluff View" and the home we were supposed to buy will be "Trails Edge". Bluff View has been on the market since June and we had a potential buyer in October but they totally flaked out and we were pissed. It was supposed to come off the market November 4th at midnight. So we wouldn't have to worry about moving close to the wedding. November 4, 5:00pm we get an offer. It's ok, not great, but we take it. We put our offer in on Trails Edge later that week, everything seems to be ok... yadayada.

Monday (16th) we're out of the option period on Bluff View and they're locked in. Their shady realtor still has not sent the earnest money to the title company and we still do not have our option money, this we were all supposed to get before the end of the option period. Our realtors call and call and call, after calling last week too. Nada. We have the inspection on Trails Edge. Some SERIOUS problems emerge, and the gas company wouldn't even turn the gas on to the house because of the gas leaks in the furnace and water heater.

Yesterday (18th), Coach gets our HVAC and Plumber over to Trails Edge, it's $5000 worth of repairs just on those 2 things, not including the water damage, electical, and various other issues present. We submit a request to lower the price of the house by $5400--since we're closing Tuesday (the 24th) and they live in San Antonio and it's too quick to fix these huge issues. Trails Edge realtor calls our realtors back at 9pm and say that the buyers are already bringing $15,000 to closing, that they haven't been paying their full morgage, and this house could default eventually. They probably knew all this, the agent is sorry about that, but they just can't get any more money. I'm curently on the phone with our sellers agent about Bluff View because we got a request from the stupid-ass sleeze realtor for the buyers, now requesting repairs. 4 days after they're out of their option period. turns out, he is also their lender (shady) and is requesting some retarded things as "lender required repairs". This never happens, not for painted wood and weather stripping (Gas leaks, maybe. this is stupid shit). We decide to tell him to see the option and earnest money first. But wait 24 hours to even do that, turn about is fair play afterall.

Today (19th) I get a call from my buyers agent (I have a buyers and sellers, it's a realty team that we're working with that I like and know personaly and holy crap have they put up with a lot), she explains all the stuff from last night with Trails Edge. I'm out $1000 on that house. there's nothing we can do. I go to a work meeting thinking about what to do. She calls me back an hour ago, says she just talked to the sellers agent--the sellers don't have the $15,000 to close as it turns out, and we can't close REGARDLESS. So I decide to fuck everyone. Bluff View buyers are in default of their contract because they haven't given us the money, so we are currently submiting notice that they are in default of the contract and that we are removing the house from the market and terminating the contract. We submit a letter to Trails Edge requesting reimbursement for our $400 inspection, $100 option money, and $475 appraisal because they were executing a contract basically under the pretense that they COULD sell it when they can't. This is going to get nasty, and legal, but between 1 realtor (Trails Edge Seller's) dropping the ball and not doing his job, and the other being a sleeze-monkey (Bluff View) it's a huge cluster. We're off the market, I'm now canceling all our utility and house changes, and having to do a bunch of shit to remove everything. we were supposed to move in 5 days. Now we're staying until after Maui  and the new year, and just dealing with it.

I don't think I've stopped crying for a week now. I'm a cryer. Yes I can shoot the shit, but when i get stressed the first thing I do is ball my eyes out. don't hate.

I hate real estate, and I am going to have to really psych myself up to put this house on the market again next year and go through this all over again. I'm so discouraged and disapointed.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nerd Love

I got this awesome email from a friend of my mom about the wedding. It made me die laughing, mostly because I thought it was badass.

"I note that your new initials CGC are the triplet code for the amino acid arginine. That's your new nickname ;-) Silly me for thinking of such trivia."

Red Shoes

I think I've mentioned my challenge finding red shoes that aren't hooker-ish. I found these, and they are FIERCE, but I duhno if 1. I can pull them off (probably could) or 2. could aford them. Still awesome though.

Betsey Johnson "Law" $149.95 at Nordstrom

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hard News

This is never news you want to hear, but I'm emphatic that she's going to be smiling as hard core as in the photo above (from her September wedding), very very soon.

On Wednesday my mom got biopsy results back from test she had done in early November and she has Gastric (stomach) Cancer. Gastric Cancer is very serious as it easily spreads into lymph nodes and it weakens you because it also makes it very hard for your body to receive nutrients and eating is near impossible. My mom had been having intense stomach pain and cramps and hasn't been eating well for about a month. Luckily her doctor took her seriously and had the biopsy ordered.

She will be starting Chemotherapy today and they are putting a feeding tube in so she can at least get some nutrients. She will have 6-9 weeks of Chemotherapy, and sometime early next year will have her entire stomach and her lymph nodes removed, and probably have more chemo or radiation depending on how this round goes. She will begin treatment at St. Luke's in Houston and has the Bishop who oversees the hospital on her side rooting for her, as well as all of us.

She's being very optimistic and we're fully confident she will emerge victorious. For anyone who knows or has met my mom, you know she's a powerful force to be reckoned with and I'm sure she'll be fine. We are hoping that this entire experience will be as painless as possible for her. I am just asking that you please include her in your prayers and well wishes, as we will be through the coming weeks and months.


P.S. did I mention my mom's an Episcopal Priest? We've really got God on our side! :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Be A Match

Be a bone marrow donor. Please, save a life.

-Your Public Service Msg for the day

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


You'd think it wasn't that difficult. but it has become so. Yes we're on a budget and the space at the venue is very tight, I'm sorry. This advice from Martha Stewart really helped. I'm sorry if you Brides out there are going through the same thing. here goes... gotta make that nasty call. :(

Uhg. I'm shaking. but Done. :( how uncomfortable. At least for that one. *sigh*

Maid of Honor

while I'm not carrying a bouquet for the wedding, it did occur to me that my sister might want something to hold up there since she won't be holding hands with her beloved and just standing there. So I made this. It's awesome and even Coach said it looked pretty dang good. Which if you translate into boy speak, means wow you are amazing. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Plaster of Paris

I have poured my last centerpiece! THANK GOSH!! I am now covered in plaster of paris and the back patio is strewn with the remaining centerpieces until they dry, but with the exception of putting flowers on top of the plaster to cover it up, and putting the paper flowers on the limbs, yeah... that's right... I'm freaking done people. D.O.N.E.

So now I've got maybe 2 hours left of work on those, and finito!! YES! My biggest project, my most hated chore, is now finished and I'm in the home stretch. Which is good since we're 33 days away and it looks like our house may be sold. fingers crossed, we'll be moving November 24th into our new house. seriously, keep them crossed. We'll be out of the option period friday and I am so freaking ready. I've got great plans for this next house and I can't wait to get in and get settled and start remodeling.

So needless to say, looks like I won't have that "what do I do now that I'm not planning a wedding" phenomenon that some brides feel, because my next project is a total house remodel. :) and I am EXCITED!!

:) bye bye plaster!! woohooo!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Crafty Things

Here is a Close-up of the tags I created

The awesome poster I purchased from Roll and Tumble Press

The awesome letterpress from Le Papier Studio
Our card box and guest book.
My banner pre-flowers. :)

And my engagement ring and Coach's $85 wedding band. Thank you amazon. Its super nice. :)

Bridal Shower

Got some more photos, so here they are!
Check out those tasty treats! yummmmieee!!!
My sister (maid of honor) and I going through the piles. Black sweater dress from Banana Republic on sale last year, red flower headband from Forever 21.
This is the decanteur my mother gave me.
yup. My friend Mariam sure did capture my retardesness in this photo. with my AWESOME mixer! :)

In other news keep your fingers crossed for us, we're waiting on some possibly awesome news.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sponsor Couple

So we are required, by the church, to have a sponsor couple. Their sole purpose is to go over a test we took like a week after we got engaged last april and then they give us another test, and we talk about issues it brought up. Well the test itself is AWFUL. It has the worst answer choices and forces you to answer, when nothing fits, then the questions themself are just terrible. We walked out after taking that test and were both irritated, so I can only wonder what the hell the scores said. lovely.

So anyway, I get a call on my cell phone last night as we're going to bed. I check the message this morning and it's the sponsor couple, finally. They say that they've called and left messages (seriously?) on my home phone and to call. So I call this morning and the husband answers and he is a total ass right off. Totally combative. He starts off with "you're the couple who thinks their getting married on December 11th" I said, no we ARE getting married December 11th. His response: the priest and church require you to do the sponsor couple and since you haven't called us back we were about to turn your file back in and you won't be able to be married. I'm like are you fucking kidding me? I'm getting married dickbrain, we have talked about JP'ing it up since day 1 because the church has been so ridiculous. Don't tempt us. We can hold it at Delaney Vineyards, they've already said we can have the whole thing there. so HA!

Then he asks me what day. Coach has practice Monday Tuesday, games Thursday Friday. I have RCIA (catholic conversion) classes Monday, City Council Tuesdays, meetings Wednesday. He's like oh you're in RCIA. What do you look like. I say I've got long black and grey hair. Oh you sit in the front row, your fiance is bald. I'm so shocked by the rude way he said it I was like, yes we sit in the front row. and he kept going! "like bald, but shaves the sides. white guy. totaly bald." yeah. real nice. work on those social skills jerkoff.

Coach shaves his head. yes. yes he is follicaly challenged. I think he looks great with a shaved head, I think he looks creepy when he did have hair, and I think it's sexy now. but who says it like that? seriously? Are you the fat ugly guy sitting 4 rows back? yes? You're the one, really fat, huge belly, can't see their feet fat? Oh yeah I know who you are.

UGH!!! So it continues and I'm getting more and MORE angry. Decide sunday, whatever.

20 minutes later I get a call from his sweet wife and we set up the sunday meeting, she says no problem sorry we didn't try your Cell phones, we'll have it done in 2 weeks, we'll just have a longer meeting sunday, no problem, yada yada, tells me about her business, whatever. It is no wonder that people do not get married in churches any more. I wish we hadn't wanted to. this is awful.

I'm still pissed but tirade over. I can only think that if I get this protective of my marriage when I'm not even married yet, I'm going to be crazy psycho mother if someone ever fucks with my kids. watch out.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Awesome Idea

Ok so over at Tying the Knot she had this awesome post about what she gave her husband on their first anniversary. And Holy Crap I love it! Now I just gotta go back and figure out the dates to all those days!!
What it is is Catalogue Cards (like from the old days, and I still love riffling through them up at UNT when I was at school. They have that awesome library book smell) with the numbers for the date, book title subbed out for the title of the event, a short description, then the publisher information subbed out for the where. I just love love love this idea that originally came from here.

You can make your own here, and here is my example:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November's To-Do's

Updated: Dec. 7, 2009


NOVEMBER 5 Tasting at Delaney Vineyards (payment made at the tasting)
November 10 Meeting with Black Tie Entertainment (DJ)
NOVEMBER 11 All Fees and Deposites are due to SVDP
NOVEMBER 27 Final Payment and Confirm Guest count with Caterer
Boutonniers, Brooches, Corsages Should Arrive
Make Sure Grooms Man has a Suit
Check on Dresses
Submit Wedding Announcements to Newspapers
Marriage License
Start Writing Thank You Notes
Last Hair Cut & Style
Send Rehersal Dinner Invites
MOH Gifts
Finalize Liturgy
Confirm wedding-night and Honeymoon Reservations
Pick up Rings
Speak with DJ for Requested (and Banned) Songs
Speak with Officiant Wedding-Day Timeline
Pick up Gown (Nov. 4)
Check-In with Caterer, Delaney Vineyards, Cake, DJ, SVDP
Delegate Wedding-Day Assignments
Call RSVPs
Confirm all Payments


Check with Readers, Vocalists Check Audio for Recorded Music at SVDP
Get Dress Fitted (Nov 2)
Send out 8 Week Invitions (Oct. 16)
Bridal Shower (October 24)
Send Out 6 Week Invitations (Oct 30)
Order Kegs October 11 (8 weeks)
Payment to Caterer
Coaches Suit Altered

Remaining from September
Finish Centerpieces
Finish Luminaries
Start Sewing Table Cloths
Remaining from July:
Hotel Room for Friday after the wedding.