Monday, October 12, 2009

Ok, so I fail

Epic Failure on my part to do any blogging as of late. But to be honest, haven't found any cute ideas lately either. However, I have taken mucho photos of all my crafties that I am going to really try to upload tonight. So we'll see. I still have to upload photos from my momma's wedding, so I need to really do that soon. Like NOW. No joke, I suck, sorry.

I started cutting the table cloths last week, and now have to trim them up and will maybe break out my mom's sewing machine to practice on the scraps tonight. Coach has today off so he did the grocery shopping (woohooo!) for me. So I'll actually be HOME at 5pm. nice.

Last weekend we went to Austin (yes he actually got the weekend off from football!) to go to Kristy's wedding. While totaly lovely and awesome and eco friendly, holy shnikies it was flippin' freezing! I never had the illusion that luck would hold out for an outdoor wedding at any time of year, hense our December inside nuptuals.

I need to take my dress to get bustled, Coach will get his suit altered soon, and things are starting to speed up so I REALLY need to get the sewing done. I'm not a sewing person, so I know it's going to take a while and I need to get going. Not to mention I still have those 6 centerpieces to finish but my branches have been wet for a month now since it will not stop freaking raining. holy crap.!!

Invitations go out Friday. it's here. 8 weeks. 60 days today. wow. Just call me Mrs. Coach.

Oh and we got his band. He loves it. He bought us (me) a new car, Honda CRV (silver). It's busy. House still not selling, it'll be off the market on Halloween if it doesn't sell. *sigh* Welcome to the end of my timeline... pictures. tonight. I promise. (kinda)
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