Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Crafties

I am done sewing! I cannot believe it! It was way easier than I had anticipated and worth none of the dread! So here I am, 6 weeks out, with only 6 more centerpieces to make! WOW! I've done it!!!

So here is the fabric. The black/white is what will be on our (head) table. The red, is sheer and will be over the white linnens on everyone else's table.

And based off an idea over at Martha Stuart, I made this absolutely awesome banner. I need to find some way to string it up so I can hang it on the church doors (or on the lecturn, if they'll let me). And then (of course) take it to the reception. I'm so excited! I made it totally by myself!!

And for someone who is not a sewer, to make all those lines, sew it double sided, and make it all straight! Big Achievement! Only problem is, the top hems for the loop are kinda wobbly.... thinking about tearing those out and retrying... but we'll see! I'm still so in love with it! I can't wait to hang it in our house for years to come!!!
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