Friday, October 16, 2009

Hm... Photo Booth a GO!

Ok. Dear Etsy: quit making it so easy to fund my quirky wedding desires. See the following:

Smitten Sticks. Yes I could have made my own, but these are awesome and cute and already done.

Also cute, comes in multiple colors. Also from LePapierStudio

They have dozens of different siloute's to choose from, with a few different colors. Got one to give my lil sis for part of her maid-of-honor gift. It's nice that I only have one attendant, i get to spoil her with neat things like this.
Again from LePapierStudio

And super cute, especially next to the photo booth idea. me thinks! :)
This is from Roll and Tumble Press and they also have other super cute stuff.
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