Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Free Damask Template

So my flip-flops came in from Old Navy last night. Let me tell you how many packages of random wedding stuff we have gotten (3) and will get (5) this week! Tons of wedding stuff that is being finished up and because Amazon is cheaper and awesome, most of the stuff was found there and for almost no cost (even with shipping). yay Amazon.

but anyway, back to the flipflops. So I got like 10 pairs of random sizes (yay for off season sales and coupons!) and have put them in a basket I was given for the wedding shower. I tied each pair up with twine, but the stickers for sizes are so hard to read I needed to make tags. Plus I liked the idea of putting "Kick Your Heels Off and Dance With Us!" on them, so I went on my google search to find a free damask template that would work. and VOILA!

I think I'll put the size in the left box, and the phrase in the right one.

Here you can download the template that is form-fillable (they have differen colors too, that you can find here). So I think I'll put black tags on the red ones, and red ones on the black ones. Thoughts? Or maybe I'll print them on red paper.... hmmmmm....

also, seriously would be handy to use these for my thank you notes after the wedding. or is it still tacky to not hand - write thank you note addresses? thoughts? opinions? anyone out there?

Update: Love it!

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