Monday, October 26, 2009

DIY's and Inspiration

So maybe because my DIYs exploded and I suddenly realized that I had to scale back and just go with a few, but also subsequently not too many were out that that were either (1) do-able or (2) I desire to do because they were ugly or weird or not at all my tastes.  But this idea over at Martha Stuart was pretty awesome! A whole diferent type of paper flowers.

And so you can see the chaos that is our Study/craft-den (this stuff doesn't even move for showings, sad but there's so much and I just can't do it), here ya go:

I have to retape some of the luminaries (the ones you see) because the plasticie scrapbook-paper doesn't hold down with scrapbook tape. So double sided stickum it is.  Plus Bernice got me 2 more packages (COSTCO!) and I have to finish stamping the velum (easy) for those, wrap them, and insert the ribbons. those will be our favors as well as what our guests will hold as we walk out of the vineyard.  No bubbles for us. The green bin has random little things, the box to the left (bottom) holds all our engraved glasses (our guy was so cheap, if you're in DFW let me know and I'll get you his information. no joke, was cheapest anywhere). The left top box has our ceremony stuff, our ring bowl (below), and all my small finished crafts. I need to make my sister's bouquet thing that she'll carry.

if you check the story of how Coach proposed you'll get the "Proof" word on the bowl I had made over at Paloma's Nest.  I'm so excited to have this bowl in our house after the wedding!

And because the weather has been so AWFUL and hasn't stopped raining for amonth, I still only have those centerpieces done and haven't finished putting the rose petals on top. I branches outside are still soaked, and it's still too humid to spray paint them. so my most dreaded task of pouring the plaster is still haunting me.

12 Table cloths down, 3 to go. Even did one for the cake table. And got a different material for our table,to set it apart. Yay for Hobby Lobby Coupons.
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