Friday, October 30, 2009

Flip-Flop Labels--Done

I'm feeling rather awesome fininshing all my cool crafties these days. I'm super excited.

I was also super excited to have the afternoon to nap and tonight to veg out in front of the TV. Only I have a baby shower to go to accross the metroplex at 6:30. In costume. It'll be fun once I'm there, but until then I'm tired and I want a nap.

Work is crazy. When you see people run out with assault shotguns and the radio starts going off like crazy, and the FBI arrives on scene, it's busy. very busy. HEY public, see, we do work!!

Off to the craft store, I ran out of brads to finish my luminaries. Maybe this weather will finally dry out my branches and I can get those damn centerpieces done. here's hoping!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Free Damask Template

So my flip-flops came in from Old Navy last night. Let me tell you how many packages of random wedding stuff we have gotten (3) and will get (5) this week! Tons of wedding stuff that is being finished up and because Amazon is cheaper and awesome, most of the stuff was found there and for almost no cost (even with shipping). yay Amazon.

but anyway, back to the flipflops. So I got like 10 pairs of random sizes (yay for off season sales and coupons!) and have put them in a basket I was given for the wedding shower. I tied each pair up with twine, but the stickers for sizes are so hard to read I needed to make tags. Plus I liked the idea of putting "Kick Your Heels Off and Dance With Us!" on them, so I went on my google search to find a free damask template that would work. and VOILA!

I think I'll put the size in the left box, and the phrase in the right one.

Here you can download the template that is form-fillable (they have differen colors too, that you can find here). So I think I'll put black tags on the red ones, and red ones on the black ones. Thoughts? Or maybe I'll print them on red paper.... hmmmmm....

also, seriously would be handy to use these for my thank you notes after the wedding. or is it still tacky to not hand - write thank you note addresses? thoughts? opinions? anyone out there?

Update: Love it!

New Crafties

I am done sewing! I cannot believe it! It was way easier than I had anticipated and worth none of the dread! So here I am, 6 weeks out, with only 6 more centerpieces to make! WOW! I've done it!!!

So here is the fabric. The black/white is what will be on our (head) table. The red, is sheer and will be over the white linnens on everyone else's table.

And based off an idea over at Martha Stuart, I made this absolutely awesome banner. I need to find some way to string it up so I can hang it on the church doors (or on the lecturn, if they'll let me). And then (of course) take it to the reception. I'm so excited! I made it totally by myself!!

And for someone who is not a sewer, to make all those lines, sew it double sided, and make it all straight! Big Achievement! Only problem is, the top hems for the loop are kinda wobbly.... thinking about tearing those out and retrying... but we'll see! I'm still so in love with it! I can't wait to hang it in our house for years to come!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

DIY's and Inspiration

So maybe because my DIYs exploded and I suddenly realized that I had to scale back and just go with a few, but also subsequently not too many were out that that were either (1) do-able or (2) I desire to do because they were ugly or weird or not at all my tastes.  But this idea over at Martha Stuart was pretty awesome! A whole diferent type of paper flowers.

And so you can see the chaos that is our Study/craft-den (this stuff doesn't even move for showings, sad but there's so much and I just can't do it), here ya go:

I have to retape some of the luminaries (the ones you see) because the plasticie scrapbook-paper doesn't hold down with scrapbook tape. So double sided stickum it is.  Plus Bernice got me 2 more packages (COSTCO!) and I have to finish stamping the velum (easy) for those, wrap them, and insert the ribbons. those will be our favors as well as what our guests will hold as we walk out of the vineyard.  No bubbles for us. The green bin has random little things, the box to the left (bottom) holds all our engraved glasses (our guy was so cheap, if you're in DFW let me know and I'll get you his information. no joke, was cheapest anywhere). The left top box has our ceremony stuff, our ring bowl (below), and all my small finished crafts. I need to make my sister's bouquet thing that she'll carry.

if you check the story of how Coach proposed you'll get the "Proof" word on the bowl I had made over at Paloma's Nest.  I'm so excited to have this bowl in our house after the wedding!

And because the weather has been so AWFUL and hasn't stopped raining for amonth, I still only have those centerpieces done and haven't finished putting the rose petals on top. I branches outside are still soaked, and it's still too humid to spray paint them. so my most dreaded task of pouring the plaster is still haunting me.

12 Table cloths down, 3 to go. Even did one for the cake table. And got a different material for our table,to set it apart. Yay for Hobby Lobby Coupons.

Wedding Shower Weekend


Can I just say that I had the most beautiful and awesome wedding shower ever?
Coach's Aunt Debbie, Aunt Barbara, Kristine, and his friend's wife Meranda (Coach was best man at their wedding, they have the cutest little girl) threw it and holy shnikies, did they do a good job. It was awesome. I need to scan the invitation and find who has the pictures. I'm in awe. Still! There were like 20 people there! I opened presents forever; it was awesome and not awkward at all (which i was worried about because in situations like that I get nervous and shy). But it was so wonderful. The food was KILLER, and I got a good chance to talk to some of Coach's family that I haven't gotten to talk to really before. And my friends were there. I'm so in awe. I've written 14 of my thank you cards already (9 more to go!) and seriously am so sincere when I say that I'm so blessed to have each and every one in my life.

Oh and I got the cutest stuff! All my bed skirts (when you have 4 beds in your house, that's a lot!), new duvet cover for our bed (holy crap did we need that!), new sheets, new sheets for one of our spare beds (thank you, no more nasty college sheets!), new fancy bathmats, new Tupperware (! thank gosh! it's the cool interlocking kind), Cooking gear, Brandi got me Hanukah cookie cutters (YES!!), Wii Mario Cart (holy crap! We HAVE to get the Wii out of Coach's storage unit now!), the Williams & Sonoma Bride & Groom cookbooks (so awesome lil’ sis!), a beautiful Decanter from Kristine, and I GOT MY KITCHENAID! I AM SO EFFING EXCITED! Can I tell you how much easier my famous sugar cookies are going to be this year? YES!!!!!!!!

And I seriously only almost cried twice. The first time was when I opened my mom's present. She had a decanter. But not just any one. She bought this beautiful beautiful genuine Czechoslovakia (from yes, when it actually was Czechoslovakia) decanter, and she bought it in anticipation of my marriage when we were stationed in Germany. I was 7. She apparently has a bunch of things stowed away for Caitlin and I. How she has done this through (roughly) 6 moves, and has them and remembered and didn't spill the beans. I was shocked. I could not speak. It was the only time the whole afternoon that everyone was silent. I love my mommy.

The second time was hugging Debbie. It all became very real. Bernice (Coach's mom) cried when the invitations came last week, because it was somehow "official" because it was here--in writing. I stood up from opening all my wonderful gifts and laughing, was hugging people goodbye. And it hit me. I'm getting married. For the first time, I'm not a guest at this bridal shower--it was MY bridal shower. I'm getting married.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ring Engraving

I am taking Coach's ring to get engraved today, and although I thought I knew what I wanted now I'm not sure. A friend googled it at work and the two we loved were:

"Put it back on. Love, Your Wife"
"Resistance is Futile"

But now I googled some more and found some more cute ones here, check THESE OUT! Laughing so hard, people are funny.
  • You wore me down
  • Honey, I called dibs
  • Lover of my behind
  • Rump shaker
  • Don't even think about it...
  • Race you to the shower
  • Thanks for waiting, Dork!
  • 1 room, 1 bed, no p.j.’s  (this one had me snickering for minutes)
  • I love you like a fat kid loves cake
  • If removed, alarm will sound. (this one! hilarious!)
  • Skinnamarinkydinkydink
  • Please return with man if found
  • With My Love - ad infinitum
  • Stick finger here.
  • You smell like toot but I love you (So so SO Coach)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Over at Cup Of Jo she had these super cute glasses (roughly $1.00 each) for her wedding favors.

super cute photo from her blog, done by max wanger (swoon)

Now we (I) decided not to do wedding favors. but these are cute.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hm... Photo Booth a GO!

Ok. Dear Etsy: quit making it so easy to fund my quirky wedding desires. See the following:

Smitten Sticks. Yes I could have made my own, but these are awesome and cute and already done.

Also cute, comes in multiple colors. Also from LePapierStudio

They have dozens of different siloute's to choose from, with a few different colors. Got one to give my lil sis for part of her maid-of-honor gift. It's nice that I only have one attendant, i get to spoil her with neat things like this.
Again from LePapierStudio

And super cute, especially next to the photo booth idea. me thinks! :)
This is from Roll and Tumble Press and they also have other super cute stuff.

Homely Inspiration

So this week has been long. Basically, we thought we had an offer on the house, signed a contract, the buyer just needed to initial 2 changes, then they pulled out (did I mention this was after a frantic 2 day event because they wanted to close on the 30th of this month and we went and actually found a great house with tons TONS of potential. that we can't put an offer on now because mine still is not sold. talk about depressed). Anywho. for the 4 hours I thought we'd get the new house, I want beautiful inspiration and I'm missing all the to-do's and home improvements since my current house is fixed and lovely. and I was looking forward to being elbow deep in new fixtures and paint. it's almost boring, if only I had time to be bored these days. 

Oh and my birthday is next week, I'll be a quarter of a century old. The in-laws are having a small family party for me sunday. I love them. then the 24th is my shower. I'm excited. should be fun. the invitations were super cute. Coach's Aunt, his mom, my friend Kristine (aka super realtor), and jon's friend's wife (who is awesome) are all throwing it at his Aunt's house. They're a good crowd. Even if my Austin girls probably won't be there, it'll be fun none the less.

I'm having a hard time being possitive these days. I think it has a lot to do with problems at work and that I have not been sleeping really well. but we're already half way through October (crazyness), and we're 56 days out.

Oh, and I mailed our invitations just now. woah.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ok, so I fail

Epic Failure on my part to do any blogging as of late. But to be honest, haven't found any cute ideas lately either. However, I have taken mucho photos of all my crafties that I am going to really try to upload tonight. So we'll see. I still have to upload photos from my momma's wedding, so I need to really do that soon. Like NOW. No joke, I suck, sorry.

I started cutting the table cloths last week, and now have to trim them up and will maybe break out my mom's sewing machine to practice on the scraps tonight. Coach has today off so he did the grocery shopping (woohooo!) for me. So I'll actually be HOME at 5pm. nice.

Last weekend we went to Austin (yes he actually got the weekend off from football!) to go to Kristy's wedding. While totaly lovely and awesome and eco friendly, holy shnikies it was flippin' freezing! I never had the illusion that luck would hold out for an outdoor wedding at any time of year, hense our December inside nuptuals.

I need to take my dress to get bustled, Coach will get his suit altered soon, and things are starting to speed up so I REALLY need to get the sewing done. I'm not a sewing person, so I know it's going to take a while and I need to get going. Not to mention I still have those 6 centerpieces to finish but my branches have been wet for a month now since it will not stop freaking raining. holy crap.!!

Invitations go out Friday. it's here. 8 weeks. 60 days today. wow. Just call me Mrs. Coach.

Oh and we got his band. He loves it. He bought us (me) a new car, Honda CRV (silver). It's busy. House still not selling, it'll be off the market on Halloween if it doesn't sell. *sigh* Welcome to the end of my timeline... pictures. tonight. I promise. (kinda)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October's To-Do's


Check with Readers, Vocalists Check Audio for Recorded Music at SVDP
Get Dress Fitted
Send out 8 Week Invitions (Oct. 16)
Bridal Shower (October 24)
Send Out 6 Week Invitations (Oct 30)
Order Kegs October 11 (8 weeks)
Payment to Caterer
Coaches Suit Altered
Bachelorette Party ?

Remaining from September
Finish Centerpieces
Finish Luminaries
Start Sewing Table Cloths
Remaining from July:
Hotel Room for Friday after the wedding.