Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When I Become a Good Sewer...

I'll make some of these lovelies once I get my sewing skillz under control! I know so many people who are preggers and these are adorable! My friend K is an awesome sewer, I totaly bet she could crank these out... only she's got an 11 week old! haha. So tis up to me! so cute...

From over at Wee Wonderfuls

And seriously?
Her Blog is HERE, ETSY, Free Patterns, and her SHOP

We went to Houston over the weekend for my mothers wedding (yup! SURPRISE!). It was lovely and simple. My mom, so stylish, wore a Tahari suit consisting of a leopart screened jacket, red ruffly shirt, black skirt, and black heels. She.looked.awesome. Bob was in a nice suit and they were adorable and I cried (duh, hello I'm so teary).  Then we went back to the house, loaded up a uHaul with furniture (they're moving next week to south Houston, so the house was packed up) for Caitlin (I also stole some furniture for our guest rooms, we're now a totally non-college furniture house! IKEA crap-dresser, bye-bye!!), and then had an incredible dinner out.  It was awesome. It also was exactly what my mom wanted, and she was so happy with 9 of us at dinner that when we were all laughing and eating (and drinking), she leaned over to Bob and was so happy to have something so simple and non-doo-lalah that she lost it for a minute. It was wonderful seeing her so happy.

Not to mention that watching them take their vows made me squeeze Coach's hand and look at him with nothing less than a longing for our own nuptuals in 79 days. I'm so ready to be Mrs. Coach. He's so wonderful.  I almost finished addressing our invitations last night too. So now I've got to get more spray paint to finish branches, pour the last plaster, and start sewing since I got the Bernina from mom over the weekend. That should be interesting since I haven't sewn with a machine in like 5 years. Although my fingers are caloused because I've been cross stitching a storm trying to get our christmas stockings done. so many pictures I should take and post! I'll try later, things have been busy! I need a weekend!

Oh and I'm seriously hating my job, and I'm in the midst of searching for jobs in DFW. You see one, you let me know. I wish our house wouuld sell so it'd open up the Dallas side of the metroplex too. I could be Officer Gilmore and make more money than I'm making now. Better get on that treadmill and start getting my run down in less time.

Also, little Gilmore is turning 21 on Saturday so we're hosting her bday BBQ. Not TOO many people, but I want it to be so cute. So even though I just got grumpy yesterday looking at Coach's and I's budget, oh well. Cute decorations it is! I'll be going to Big Lots and the Dollar Store tonight I think.  :) baby girl....
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