Thursday, September 24, 2009

September's To-Do


Shop For Wedding Band for Coach
Have Your Wedding Band Custom Made (it's at the jewler's now)
September 11 (12 weeks) Payment to Caterer
Order MOH Dress
Decide on Favors--uh yeah, we decided not to do any. dont be hater
First Apt. With Liturgy Director (Scheduled!!)
Pick Up Invitations
Address Invitations
Finish Centerpieces
Finish Luminaries
Start Sewing Table Cloths

Remaining from August

Rehersal Dinner Site
Transportation? (Limo? Car?)
Best Man--Make Sure He Gets A Suit
Finalize Idea For Centerpieces
August 11 (16 weeks) Payment to Caterer

Remaining from July:
Hotel Room for Friday after the wedding.
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