Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I've lost my camera cord. Like cannot find it, don't know where I lost it, and don't have a clue where to look. I started looking for it yesterday and started running a fever. I've been relaxing all weekend and trying to prevent feeling crappy, but just felt it come back again. I don't have time for this. I have Kristy's shower this weekend and I'm swamped at work. ACK! Which, btw, I have a Sept 11th training all day in Richardson on Friday, having dinner with Tiffy since I'll be on her side of town, then Coach's Rockwall Heath game (read: boonies of DFW), then home after half time. So that I can sleep and wake up at 530am to get down to Austin in time for the shower that starts at 10am.  I'm excited, but it's going to suck until I get there and see ALL MY LOVELY LADIES.

Oh and the Liturgy Director from the curch FINALLY contacted us, and we'll meet with her in 2 weeks. If she tries to sing at all at our wedding I'm going to be rude and bridezilla. she has a horrible voice. horrific. I may be asking friends to do it, volunteers? :) Which I would prefer anyway, but since all my vocally gifted people live in A-town it may be too much to ask them. I don't want to stress anyone out. We'll see. I still also need to decide on the processional song! so much that keeps adding to my to-do list!

But here's what I accomplished this weekend:
  • 8 more centerpieces (plaster of paris=my nemisis. Coach was about to kill me)
  • finished luminaries
  • purchased gifts for Kristy (so cute!)
  • Caught up on Mad Men
  • Caught up on Army Wives
  • Watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist (SOOOOO cute! omg! I'm glad I bought it!)
  • Truck to the dealership (downside: oil change turned into leak in water pump [warranty], allignment was off [still off, have to get a ride down there and drop it off this week which is not easy], and fuel system flush. all of my day friday spent at the dealership) and it's now worse, and turns out brakes are warped but now it shakes and shimmies all the time--thanks jerks. ugh. vehicles are a pain in the a$$
  • talked to the photographer. He STILL is not done with our engagement photos (over a month ago) and wants to take more. I want him to give me the ones he's taken. If we have to take more it'll be the end of october before I can do them. it's super busy.  this is a pain, but I don't want to complain because he's doing it for free. I want them to look like Max Wanger photos or artsy at least, he wants to do a ton of posed corny photos. I asked him to look at them and just see what I like, and he admited he never even looked at the site. that kind agrivated me, but oh well. *sigh* breathe, and just let it go right?
so yeah... busy but feel like I still have so much. I need to cut the table cloths to size, so when I pick up mom's sewing machine next weekend (the 18th) I'll be ready to start runing them through the machine. On the plus side, which is unusual, the fabric is already finished on the outer edges--so I really only have 2 sides to finish! Sweet. Since I'm a crappy sewer anyway. So I only have that and the reamainig 6 centerpieces to do! YAY!!! :) Then just addressing the invitations and I think my DIYs are pretty much done! woop woop!

which is good because I'm gone this weekend in austin, next weekend in Houston (my mom is getting married!), and teh 28-30th in New Orleans for a work training. Busy busy! Oh and the weekend of the 10th of october in Austin for my friend Kristy's lovely backyard wedding. (Who, btw, had the CUTEST INVITATIONS EVER! omg!)

anyway. back to my conference call, I'm listening but our contractor is paid to handle the edits to FEMA. But it's super annoying to listen to this guy. He makes no sense, luckily our State guy is awesome. I love him. :) Thank you for the 1 competant person at the state, who just so happens to be my plans liason. woooootttt. let's get this done.
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