Monday, September 14, 2009

Food and some nastyness

The Dallas Morning News has an Eats Blog, which (as it turns out) is kind of good. More for tips on new restaurants than anything, but none the less. And following the AWESOME shower/bachelorette party Saturday, I'm longing for a local winery. Although I'm having my reception at the lovely Delaney Vineyards, they don't have food. There's something new in fort worth, which is doing a similar thing to a wine bar in Houston my mom goes to: wine is served there, but they let you order in from the multitude of nearby restaurants. There's informaiton and photos here and it'sTimes Ten Cellars, Foch & Bledsoe (1100 Foch), Fort Worth (in the Cultural District). We may have to check it out.

Semi related to drinking more than I have in probably a year all in one lovely day of winery (Mandola's Winery in Dripping Springs), movie, then lingere shower and immense laughter through the early morning, and a big slumber party that night--is that my little sister *snif snif* is turning 21 in 2 weeks. What to do for the little girl..... must get my thinking cap on!

And all over the news, is the fact that at the State Fair of Texas (in Dallas), this year will be fried butter. Discusting. I tried the fried twinkie last year and it was gross, this sounds even worse. which mean's I'm SURE Coach will want to try it. He's been begging me to go back to Snook, TX and eat Chicken-Fried Bacon (with white gravy, because why not right? *vomit*).  I say no, especially because his cholesterol just came back over 200. bad hubby, bad bad hubby.

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