Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Based on tips from many sites and recommendations from friends, everyone recommends getting trays of food for the day-of your wedding so you'll eat while getting ready and enjoying the day of your wedding. And since our Ceremony doesn't even start until 7, that's almost 2 meals together. And since I was a dumbass today and forgot my lunch, I went across the street to Schlotzsky's and got a sandwich (small original, salt and vinegar chips, diet coke=yum) and they have their catering signs up. I think I'll do that day-of, because if you don't like Schlotzsky's-- are you really related to me? Love them.

Tiffy did Chick-Fil-A but I still can't eat there due to a 2 week stint working for FEMA which the only food we got trucked in was Chick-Fil-A (breakfast.lunch.dinner.repeat). But if you can eat there without hurling at the smell, who doens't like waffle fries? Jasons Deli would also be a good idea... if you're a sandwhich/wrap person.

Just a thought to remember...
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