Friday, September 11, 2009


Finally found my camera cord so here we go!!

 You can see the plaster of paris in the left one, I covered 2 with fake rose petles and they're shinny and look super neat next to the branches that got a healthy dose of black spray paint and glitter.

 these photos still don't' pick up the flower detail real well, but they look freaking amazing in person.
can you kind of see in that one? yay for those sizers with the patterned slicy things. (technical term, I have no idea).

And here are my luminaries. My mother-in-law got a package of those LED tea lights from Costco for CHEAP (like 25 for $15, way less than half what Michaels and Hobby Lobby were wanting), and I put some of those paper transfers on the velum (two left ones).  Then the right ones are actually that transparent scrap book paper. The Left most one are the ones that will be hanging from the pews, the rest will be what we're sent away with. More on that later, but don't they look amazing!!

And here is a picture of my Georgia looking super cute. :)
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