Thursday, September 24, 2009

I think Coach's Team Should Do THIS

September's To-Do


Shop For Wedding Band for Coach
Have Your Wedding Band Custom Made (it's at the jewler's now)
September 11 (12 weeks) Payment to Caterer
Order MOH Dress
Decide on Favors--uh yeah, we decided not to do any. dont be hater
First Apt. With Liturgy Director (Scheduled!!)
Pick Up Invitations
Address Invitations
Finish Centerpieces
Finish Luminaries
Start Sewing Table Cloths

Remaining from August

Rehersal Dinner Site
Transportation? (Limo? Car?)
Best Man--Make Sure He Gets A Suit
Finalize Idea For Centerpieces
August 11 (16 weeks) Payment to Caterer

Remaining from July:
Hotel Room for Friday after the wedding.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When I Become a Good Sewer...

I'll make some of these lovelies once I get my sewing skillz under control! I know so many people who are preggers and these are adorable! My friend K is an awesome sewer, I totaly bet she could crank these out... only she's got an 11 week old! haha. So tis up to me! so cute...

From over at Wee Wonderfuls

And seriously?
Her Blog is HERE, ETSY, Free Patterns, and her SHOP

We went to Houston over the weekend for my mothers wedding (yup! SURPRISE!). It was lovely and simple. My mom, so stylish, wore a Tahari suit consisting of a leopart screened jacket, red ruffly shirt, black skirt, and black heels. She.looked.awesome. Bob was in a nice suit and they were adorable and I cried (duh, hello I'm so teary).  Then we went back to the house, loaded up a uHaul with furniture (they're moving next week to south Houston, so the house was packed up) for Caitlin (I also stole some furniture for our guest rooms, we're now a totally non-college furniture house! IKEA crap-dresser, bye-bye!!), and then had an incredible dinner out.  It was awesome. It also was exactly what my mom wanted, and she was so happy with 9 of us at dinner that when we were all laughing and eating (and drinking), she leaned over to Bob and was so happy to have something so simple and non-doo-lalah that she lost it for a minute. It was wonderful seeing her so happy.

Not to mention that watching them take their vows made me squeeze Coach's hand and look at him with nothing less than a longing for our own nuptuals in 79 days. I'm so ready to be Mrs. Coach. He's so wonderful.  I almost finished addressing our invitations last night too. So now I've got to get more spray paint to finish branches, pour the last plaster, and start sewing since I got the Bernina from mom over the weekend. That should be interesting since I haven't sewn with a machine in like 5 years. Although my fingers are caloused because I've been cross stitching a storm trying to get our christmas stockings done. so many pictures I should take and post! I'll try later, things have been busy! I need a weekend!

Oh and I'm seriously hating my job, and I'm in the midst of searching for jobs in DFW. You see one, you let me know. I wish our house wouuld sell so it'd open up the Dallas side of the metroplex too. I could be Officer Gilmore and make more money than I'm making now. Better get on that treadmill and start getting my run down in less time.

Also, little Gilmore is turning 21 on Saturday so we're hosting her bday BBQ. Not TOO many people, but I want it to be so cute. So even though I just got grumpy yesterday looking at Coach's and I's budget, oh well. Cute decorations it is! I'll be going to Big Lots and the Dollar Store tonight I think.  :) baby girl....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Paper Flowers Take 2

Attempt #2. I'm using them. Love it, you can't even see the sparkle here from the glittery and textured papers I used.  Gotta figure out what kind of jar or something to put them in but I LOVE them.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If I Wore a Size 6!

These Shoes are so darn cute I (almost) wish my colors were pink and that my feet were that itzy bitzy. Unfortunately I have canoes and these will just be adorable, but seriously. Someone has to buy them. From etsy seller Scotatto!


Based on tips from many sites and recommendations from friends, everyone recommends getting trays of food for the day-of your wedding so you'll eat while getting ready and enjoying the day of your wedding. And since our Ceremony doesn't even start until 7, that's almost 2 meals together. And since I was a dumbass today and forgot my lunch, I went across the street to Schlotzsky's and got a sandwich (small original, salt and vinegar chips, diet coke=yum) and they have their catering signs up. I think I'll do that day-of, because if you don't like Schlotzsky's-- are you really related to me? Love them.

Tiffy did Chick-Fil-A but I still can't eat there due to a 2 week stint working for FEMA which the only food we got trucked in was Chick-Fil-A (breakfast.lunch.dinner.repeat). But if you can eat there without hurling at the smell, who doens't like waffle fries? Jasons Deli would also be a good idea... if you're a sandwhich/wrap person.

Just a thought to remember...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Food and some nastyness

The Dallas Morning News has an Eats Blog, which (as it turns out) is kind of good. More for tips on new restaurants than anything, but none the less. And following the AWESOME shower/bachelorette party Saturday, I'm longing for a local winery. Although I'm having my reception at the lovely Delaney Vineyards, they don't have food. There's something new in fort worth, which is doing a similar thing to a wine bar in Houston my mom goes to: wine is served there, but they let you order in from the multitude of nearby restaurants. There's informaiton and photos here and it'sTimes Ten Cellars, Foch & Bledsoe (1100 Foch), Fort Worth (in the Cultural District). We may have to check it out.

Semi related to drinking more than I have in probably a year all in one lovely day of winery (Mandola's Winery in Dripping Springs), movie, then lingere shower and immense laughter through the early morning, and a big slumber party that night--is that my little sister *snif snif* is turning 21 in 2 weeks. What to do for the little girl..... must get my thinking cap on!

And all over the news, is the fact that at the State Fair of Texas (in Dallas), this year will be fried butter. Discusting. I tried the fried twinkie last year and it was gross, this sounds even worse. which mean's I'm SURE Coach will want to try it. He's been begging me to go back to Snook, TX and eat Chicken-Fried Bacon (with white gravy, because why not right? *vomit*).  I say no, especially because his cholesterol just came back over 200. bad hubby, bad bad hubby.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Finally found my camera cord so here we go!!

 You can see the plaster of paris in the left one, I covered 2 with fake rose petles and they're shinny and look super neat next to the branches that got a healthy dose of black spray paint and glitter.

 these photos still don't' pick up the flower detail real well, but they look freaking amazing in person.
can you kind of see in that one? yay for those sizers with the patterned slicy things. (technical term, I have no idea).

And here are my luminaries. My mother-in-law got a package of those LED tea lights from Costco for CHEAP (like 25 for $15, way less than half what Michaels and Hobby Lobby were wanting), and I put some of those paper transfers on the velum (two left ones).  Then the right ones are actually that transparent scrap book paper. The Left most one are the ones that will be hanging from the pews, the rest will be what we're sent away with. More on that later, but don't they look amazing!!

And here is a picture of my Georgia looking super cute. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Coach needs a wedding band. So I figured I'd look on Etsy, and I think something that was hammered or distressed would be nice. So when (not if) he dings it, it'll just be a part of the design... kinda. But I found this ring that would be an awesome (and thrifty!) something blue:
from Beyond the Rockz for only $18 and made from reclaimed materials!
For a Hammered recycled gold ring! $60!!


I've lost my camera cord. Like cannot find it, don't know where I lost it, and don't have a clue where to look. I started looking for it yesterday and started running a fever. I've been relaxing all weekend and trying to prevent feeling crappy, but just felt it come back again. I don't have time for this. I have Kristy's shower this weekend and I'm swamped at work. ACK! Which, btw, I have a Sept 11th training all day in Richardson on Friday, having dinner with Tiffy since I'll be on her side of town, then Coach's Rockwall Heath game (read: boonies of DFW), then home after half time. So that I can sleep and wake up at 530am to get down to Austin in time for the shower that starts at 10am.  I'm excited, but it's going to suck until I get there and see ALL MY LOVELY LADIES.

Oh and the Liturgy Director from the curch FINALLY contacted us, and we'll meet with her in 2 weeks. If she tries to sing at all at our wedding I'm going to be rude and bridezilla. she has a horrible voice. horrific. I may be asking friends to do it, volunteers? :) Which I would prefer anyway, but since all my vocally gifted people live in A-town it may be too much to ask them. I don't want to stress anyone out. We'll see. I still also need to decide on the processional song! so much that keeps adding to my to-do list!

But here's what I accomplished this weekend:
  • 8 more centerpieces (plaster of paris=my nemisis. Coach was about to kill me)
  • finished luminaries
  • purchased gifts for Kristy (so cute!)
  • Caught up on Mad Men
  • Caught up on Army Wives
  • Watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist (SOOOOO cute! omg! I'm glad I bought it!)
  • Truck to the dealership (downside: oil change turned into leak in water pump [warranty], allignment was off [still off, have to get a ride down there and drop it off this week which is not easy], and fuel system flush. all of my day friday spent at the dealership) and it's now worse, and turns out brakes are warped but now it shakes and shimmies all the time--thanks jerks. ugh. vehicles are a pain in the a$$
  • talked to the photographer. He STILL is not done with our engagement photos (over a month ago) and wants to take more. I want him to give me the ones he's taken. If we have to take more it'll be the end of october before I can do them. it's super busy.  this is a pain, but I don't want to complain because he's doing it for free. I want them to look like Max Wanger photos or artsy at least, he wants to do a ton of posed corny photos. I asked him to look at them and just see what I like, and he admited he never even looked at the site. that kind agrivated me, but oh well. *sigh* breathe, and just let it go right?
so yeah... busy but feel like I still have so much. I need to cut the table cloths to size, so when I pick up mom's sewing machine next weekend (the 18th) I'll be ready to start runing them through the machine. On the plus side, which is unusual, the fabric is already finished on the outer edges--so I really only have 2 sides to finish! Sweet. Since I'm a crappy sewer anyway. So I only have that and the reamainig 6 centerpieces to do! YAY!!! :) Then just addressing the invitations and I think my DIYs are pretty much done! woop woop!

which is good because I'm gone this weekend in austin, next weekend in Houston (my mom is getting married!), and teh 28-30th in New Orleans for a work training. Busy busy! Oh and the weekend of the 10th of october in Austin for my friend Kristy's lovely backyard wedding. (Who, btw, had the CUTEST INVITATIONS EVER! omg!)

anyway. back to my conference call, I'm listening but our contractor is paid to handle the edits to FEMA. But it's super annoying to listen to this guy. He makes no sense, luckily our State guy is awesome. I love him. :) Thank you for the 1 competant person at the state, who just so happens to be my plans liason. woooootttt. let's get this done.

Sites to Watch

So I don't know if the twitter frenzy has struck you all, but I'm obsessed. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I have twitter friends, who up until about 2 weeks ago I had never met in real life. They're friends of friends and we all chat on topics that get too big on twitter (ie: politics, abortion, kids, wedding, culture, silly stuff, books, etc.) on a site created by two of the guys created called bgtwt (read: big tweet).  But I've recently found a few sites that keep me in stitches when they update so I thought I'd post them here:
People of Walmart - it's mostly the website that keeps me in stitches, but check it out.
And the aptly named: Shit My Dad Says which you will die reading. And it is real, according to the LA Times who wrote an article about the son who is writting the things that his hilarious 73-year-old father says. Lovely pearls of ... awesomeness?

Texts From Last Night. It's a site, also has a twitter. But is pretty dang funny. Basically: people are sick.

You can also follow me here. but you gotta request me because it's on private. work stuff and yada yada. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sex and the City

It's filming! HOLY SHNIKIES! I'm so excited. thank you for posting stalker photos like I crave!!! like yay!!
wooohoooo!! More HERE
is it sad that this has deserved a post? shut up. I love the dang show. still addicted.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wedding Bands

This white gold ring has a solid inlay of meteorite that goes all the way around the band. The meteorite has been etched with nitric acid to reveal the characteristic patterns, or Widmanstatten figures, of iron meteorites.
I hate titanium. But this is gorgeous. Plus for someone like Coach who is (invariably) going to put a lot of wear and tear on a ring, this would be perfect, no?

Overall I think coach want's something that's distressed and these are one-of-a-kind from Etsy seller Johan that I saw first at Something Old, Something New

It's Getting Close

We're coming up on less than 3 months away. I'm kind of starting to realize that it's impending and it's getting close. I'm excited but really nervous too, it seems like I've got so much to do and it'll all only get done in November. With our wedding on December 11th, the holidays are going to be busy busy. Not to mention that I'm out of town next weekend for my friend's shower in Austin, the weekend after that my mom is getting married (long story, but it's only 8 of us (sister, fiance, me, fiance, grandma, grandpa, mom & Bob--yes, that's his real name) and it's only happened in the past 2 weeks) in Houston, work is crazy, and I'm slowly getting my DIYs done. then October is friends wedding in Austin, then invitations go out, my birthday, my bridal shower, and work continues to be crazy. Let me just tell you I'm already tired of H1N1 stuff and we're going through accredidation stuff again, so that's going to suck--work is crazy. the days are flying by.

Coach is in the midst of football season, so he's not around to help and I'm (wilfully and gladly) taking care of everything around the house (cooking, cleaning, tons of laundry, dogs, everything but lawn care).  We had our first home game last weekend and I was doing my wifely stuff until 1am, he doesn't even come home Thursday and Friday nights because it's too far a drive and he'll fall asleep. So he crashes at his parents. major suck. ugh. OH and the house is on the market and we dropped the price again because it's not selling. *sigh* I'm so ready to get it sold, because if it doesn't sell soon we'll have to take it off the market until after the wedding because there is no way I can move and plan in november. no freaking way.

Does it ever hit anyone else that they're getting married and this is the father of their future children? The thought makes me cry. Looking at him makes me so happy. I cannot believe that in 3 short months we'll be husband and wife. amazing.
Also I think the title of this book is hilarious. Plus the article here. Random I know, but a friend posted it on his twitter and it made me laugh.