Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wedding Gift Etiquitte

Ok so, with a wedding reception this weekend I was reading along at the martha stuart blog and I have to say that, at every wedding I've been to, this does not hold true. almost all the gifts arive day-of at the reception. but whatever. here's the quote with the tape-tip that I thought was smart.:

"My most practical etiquette advice? Make sure there's a generous roll of tape somewhere at the reception—and recruit someone to use it to plaster the cards to any gifts that guests bring to drop off at the reception or ceremony, so the cards can't get separated from the gift. (Yes, guests are supposed to send the gifts to the bride's home, but at almost every wedding I've ever been to, at least a couple of gifts arrive at the reception.)"

back to paper flowers.... gotta be productive!
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