Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To My Ladies

So I was waiting to post the pictures of the cards I sent to my friends to tell them that I'm not asking them to be bridesmaids. I'm only having my sister, but I wanted them to realize that I loved them and still wanted them to be an important part of my wedding. So I asked them to wear Red (or Black, hopefully Red) and learn the moves to Thriller (yes we're doing it, don't judge!). I found the cards and just hot glue gunned the ribbon on because I couldn't find any cards that were with the black patern and red, or it was like retarded expensive and I only needed 12. So I got two packages of 8 at Target for like $5 each and DIY'd these. They're super cute and I have leftovers too. I love them!

this is actually 2 ribbons, much more annoying than the 1 but it looked badass.

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