Friday, August 7, 2009

Photo Booth

I love the idea of a photo booth. I've seen them all over the internets. Now I loved the lacy in the Martha Stuart Wedding magazine, but then found the tutorials (you can make them! giggles! yes!) online for everything! h.o.l.y.c.r.a.p.

Download this design and take it to a copy center that can print the large file (they said they went to FedEx Office). I could totaly do that, get the funny glasses, make the funny mustache thingies (Martha's vs slightly easier version here), and set up my regular camera on the tripod! omg! so fun and cute!! ack!!!

then I started paroozing, found this Floral Monogram How-To (ugghhh! awesome!)."Silk flowers spell out a couple's initials on a silk faille banner. Start with a 30-by-40-inch piece offabric. Hem sides; sew 1-inch casing at top and bottom; insert 1/2-inch dowels. Hot-glue silk blossom to banner; hang with ribbon." How freaking easy does that sound!

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