Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Life as Mrs. Coach

So this is my first full season as Mrs. Coach. And I'm not even a Mrs yet! I'm in the school football program, as "Coach ____ and wife Colleen" which made me jump up and down, I'll be buying at least 3 copies of that program to keep. I think I'll make a scrapbook of all our sports clippings (him and my highlights as the wifey).

So for the last 2 weeks Coach has been back at school doing football camps, handing out gear, football strategy, etc. School doens't start until the 24th! Most other teachers don't report until next week. He was pulled out of a math training to do football stuff. And on the 1st we went to the "Coach's Get-Together" at one of the Varsity coach's houses. Met all the wives, coaches, etc. Coach is the Freshman Offensive Coordinator. This means he does the freshman crap games, then gets to go to all the Varsity games and write down the plays. Which equals, him being bored out of his mind, sweating his guts out, and still having to be there until 2 AM every friday night starting the 28th through December.

This week started insanity. Early morning equipment handouts, then other coaches meetings, then he has like 2-3 hours break, then practice from 6-8:30. If only it ended at 8:30. He didn't get home last night until after 9, crawled into bed, and left the house at 6:15 to start all over. *tears* so I only get to see him when we're passed out. nice.

Oh and did I mention he only coaches Football because he has to coach something in the fall to get his (measly) coaches stipend for the whole year, and he really only wants to coach Soccer--and is head Girls Soccer Coach? Yeah. Suck.

So I have to go to the games and sit with the wives in their special "section", wear my new Cougars polo (or I can order, for $40, a jersey with his name on the back--thinking about it) and Cougars zippie jacket (that he got me from the old Soccer Coach who dumped all her Cougar gear for me to pilfer, thank you... hehe). So I'm making someone come with me every game. Oh, and after the games we provide dinner to all the coaches and families. So I signed up for certain things. And can I just say, chili is gross--not looking forward to "chili" night. I'm bringing veggi's to that one for us. Barf.

So I'm a Football Widdow. And the thing's that I got from the coaches cookout:
  1. I felt out of place without a baby
  2. I felt out of place because I have a full time career that works long hours too (insert astonished faces here)
  3. I felt out of place without at least 2 babies.
  4. We will have to conceive our children during the summer or spring, Football is going to ruin any reproductive attempts. This is a lie (unless you consider the off-season, then yes):
  5. Coach's disdain for football is worse than mine, but I may just overtake.
  6. I hate not seeing him, not eating dinner together, and loosing him to work like this.
  7. I hate seeing him so tired
  8. The next 29 years of this are going to suck. But luckily I'm a good cheerleader.
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