Friday, August 14, 2009

The Invitations

So while I nibble on my 100 calorie Quaker Chewy S'more's granola bar, I'll post the picture of my invitations. So here you go:

I'll take better ones later, but I discovered something that I should have read when I ordered them: assembly required. See the main ivitation bit (far left, white square with black folder dealie), well I have to attatch (glue?) the white bit to the black bit! So I'm off later to buy a bunch of glue sticks, thought about those photo square thingies but then only the corners are secure. thoughts?

then to insert reception cards and RSVP cards into the pocket in the black part. I love the color and the way they feel. Plus I love that the guest book has our names engraved on the silver plaque on the front. I also got free wedding shower thank you notes, and I wanted to scream when I opened the thank you cards (Mr. and Mrs. ____ _____) :) yay!!! so fun!

oh and when I got home earlier this week, Coach told me to go look at my car (I drive his truck because my commute is 9 miles, his is 32 one way right now--my house needs to SELL!). He got the windows tinted. it makes a HUGE difference. Plus it was only $140 bucks. well worth it!

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