Monday, August 3, 2009

Gosh... More Ideas & Another New Blog

I would love to have a photo area. Set up with cool backdrop, and funny things like these glasses! But, I do not trust people to not take said camera and take gross photos. Is there a way around this, like putting it in an area by the caterer or in the hall with the wedding? Thoughts?
Pictures via Jose Villa,
and the current trend of the Groucho-Fuzzy-Nose and glasses
And I just found Stephanie and her post on axing traditional corny crap made me feel better about me eliminating too. At the wedding there will be:
  1. No bouquet/garter toss
  2. No garter or bouquet at all
  3. No YMCA, electric slide, Chicken Dance, etc.
  4. No unity candle, sand pouring
  5. No hotel/banquet halls
  6. No money dance
  7. No face-cake smashing
  8. I'm wearing converse All-Stars for my wedding shoes
  9. No table for the wedding party, we'll just sit with everyone.

So I'll leave you with my awesome shoes. I custom ordered them from converse.

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